• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

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29 thoughts on “Ukrainian troops attack Russians' trench – open fire at close range”
  1. That was one brave Russian soldier, stood his ground when he could've made a run down the trench. Ukrainians showing how to use armor and infantry in a combined trench assault. Praying that the wounded Ukrainian soldier will recover from his wounds.

  2. WTF ? Where are all the hand grenades for that type of assault ? They are cheap and plentiful and you can lob them at the enemy with having to expose yourself ? What kind of assault is that ?

  3. They needed more hand granades. Great for clearing trenches.
    Here, another idea would be to have the drones buzz the trench just over the orcs to both distract them and mark the orc's positions.

  4. Man his team can just go on the left side since they are focusing in the front, so if they are inside the trench then it will be their blind spot, you can ambush them in the side or in the back since they are lowering their head against a gunman in the front they can kill them with ambush and maneuver.

  5. Ну тут ещё нужно поспорить кто кого. У чувака тот что в домике зелёная полоса на каске так то….

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