• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Combat GoPro – Accidentally Fragging Russian Spetsnaz

GoPro #Kharkiv #Combat Combat GoPro – Accidentally Fragging Russians This is part 3 of a single mission in Ukraine. This is …


31 thoughts on “Combat GoPro – Accidentally Fragging Russian Spetsnaz”
  1. Civ div. When i first saw you i thought you're just a youtuber. But after seeing you fight those spetz naz in a building, and receiving a shell after with team injuries then i realized that you're a badass soldier. Not affraid to die. And doing Ukraine good.

  2. To be honest Americans fighting in Ukraine sends the right signals to the Russian people believing that they are fighting USA and theirs allies… Fuck i hate this war all the innocent people dying for what

  3. When this war is over, it'll bring about the fall of the Russian Federation. How? Look at the flags being flown by the Wagner mercenaries. They aren't flying the Russian flag, they are flying the flag of their warlord or oligarch. The oligarchs see the writing on the wall and are building their armies now in preparation of the fall of Russia. It happened in 1917, in the 1980's and it'll happen again by 2025.

  4. Просто так разъ"бывают дома мирных жителей, там же нет наших бойцов, это все показуха чтоб деньги получить. На самом деле если с нашими столкнуться им пи"да будет

  5. Всей вашей америке скоро конец, за то что пришли на нашу территорию

  6. In a warzone, looking for the enemy. Hoping to find them before they find you. Camera captures the remains of what must have been a pretty nice bed of flowers. Imagine being actual highly trained operators in a building that gets a frag thrown in it just as a precaution. You get hit. That's how you die. No glory. Just pure happenstance. Russia seems far too willing to throw away their best.

  7. What kind of previous experience is required for an American to volunteer for one of the international legions in Ukraine? I'm a commercial & instrument rated pilot, am experienced with the Kalashnikov platform in addition to the AR. I have far more experience with the AK platform as I've put ~60,000 rounds of 5.45×39 and 7.62×39 through them over the last 10 years, in addition to building them (on demilled Soviet era parts kits) versus ~10,000 rounds through Armalite platforms, but I'm experienced with the operation of both regardless.

    Would love to be able to use my aviation skillset for something as there's nothing for me the the US. Even if not aviation related I'm still interested in a ground based role of some sort.

  8. You know that the slogan "Glory to Ukraine/Slava Ukraine" is a greeting from the Ukrainian fascists who destroyed civilians during the Second World War in alliance with Nazi Germany ???

  9. Imagine those Russians suddenly start hearing Americans voices all around them. They probably thought they were yelling at them to get out or we know you're in there. That's gotta be terrifying.

  10. Благодаря таким видео у нашей стороны есть информация о перемещениях противника , благодарим

  11. Американцы под флагом украины , воюют за не свои земли , чтобы умереть или уйти ни с чем , молодцы , природа отсеет идиотов , ну или пуля

  12. You faggots are an Anglo-Saxon bitch, beautiful bitches as in the picture dressed up in the hands of the m-16, but you are fucking against 4 ordinary Russian guys, not any special forces or even paratroopers, but mobilized bull guys – but even they are too tough for you – they killed first one unarmed parliamentarian who came out to talk to you and then drove a tank and destroyed the house with the remaining 3. You mercenary scum, a nation of immigrants and settlers who destroyed the indigenous population in the form of Indians and are now trying to make themselves the navel of the earth, you freaks are a bitch.

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