• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

In the freezing, muddy trenches of the Ukrainian front lines – the scenes are reminiscent of the first world war. (Subscribe: …


31 thoughts on “Dodging Russian bullets in Ukraine's freezing trenches”
  1. What a horror man still smiling an happy in a place like that noone should every go through this so sad people do this type of stuff so sorry one day we can all be toghter with jesus

  2. Russia’s Brutish Plan:
    Round up conscripts;
    Properly intimidate them;
    Minimally outfit them;
    Thrust them against Ukrainians
    so as to force them to reveal their positions;
    Bombard the Ukrainians;
    Then advance and repeat the process
    as necessary until at least
    a half million Russian troops are dead.
    Note: In order for this to work, an unlimited supply of both men and artillery shells is needed, hence the importance of security forces on the home front and the call to China for lethal aid.

  3. May the brave Ukranian forces be aided by the best equipment the rest of the world can offer.
    It is essential that the Russian aggressors are stopped before they have a taste of victory.
    Putin is akin to Hitler in beliefs and must be eliminated before he can make any significant mark on history.

  4. This war is disgusting. The NATO side have prolonged this and are severely risking escalation by becoming allied with Ukraine and providing weapons. Everybody should be urging for peace.

  5. Just countinue our forward that our future always have a grate answer here always and our goverment in a nato always I'm Peter soto Manalo minister a goverment all kind

  6. And why do people have to suffer? All, because the West has the greed, and dishonesty, to impose its will upon others, at the point of a gun barrel!

  7. its funny that when a war starts, as sadly as it is, there are always experts in military tactics and warfare that never held a rifle in their hand their entire life…I don't know if I should laugh or cry….

  8. Great idea bring a camera to a gun fight idiot not brave just stupid theses men trying fight a battle with lives on the line now they have to protect you and themselves never understood people that do that just for footage and a news story any idiot journalists that goes into a war zone only armed with camera gets captured or killed I have no pity for you we should not be wasting resources and manpower to come save you just asking trouble we don't negotiate with terrorists, she's pretending she in the middle of some heavy fighting , just Russia taking pot shots at them what is with war reporters they always trying to make the fighting more intense than actually is

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