• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

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27 thoughts on “Entire convoy of Russians destroyed – "the end of Putin's valuable equipment””
  1. Он только по укрофашистам стреляет , сало в кокаине . Чтоб тебя разорвало в трёх местах .

  2. во какую штуку вам Сергей Хуженетович подогнал, после войны хоть медальку какую отошлите ему, он любит это дело!

  3. I have to say…every single day for the last 10 months Ukraine destroy Russia!…and every day they haven't lost anything ever…it's miraculous…Slava Ukraine!…Christ's saviours…protected by Jesus Christ ..bullets bounce off them…go around them…truly the only God's of war!!!

  4. More putler lend lease to Ukraine!!! His troops lives, equipment mean nothing to him that's why he's an orca, and his cronies. Slava Ukraine glory to pootchkins lend lease program!

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