• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Russian invasion of Ukraine: A visual timeline of the war | ABC News

As the war in Ukraine enters its second year, ABC News tracks the milestones of the conflict and how Ukraine fought back against …


20 thoughts on “Russian invasion of Ukraine: A visual timeline of the war | ABC News”
  1. Show this video to all people who want Piece Negotiations and saying Russia isn’t the bad guy. Look at those pictures and imagine it being you. Your kids. Your parents.
    Putin and his fellows must all be held accountable and the Russian state will suffer 30+ yeas of economic downfall because of trust Fall at all. They can’t do anything about it but finally implement democracy in their state. If this should happen, there’s only china left to handle. They are the true enemy of a free world and free people. But freedom will always win in the long run

  2. the West will certainly lose in Ukraine. The confidence being expressed about Ukraine's victory is almost exactly paraphrasing the confidence about the Syrian rebels. The certainty of defeat exists as soon as the West becomes allied to anyone

  3. we need US ,UK, POLAND etc countries to send their LGBT people's to fight war for Ukraine. those LGBT people will help my soldiers in many way like moral boost , fun, and a great help etc. a small steps by those communities will turn into great steps. "Slava Ukraïni"/"slava LGBT's" people. with love from Ukraine . Down u go Russian.

  4. ถ้าคุณคิดจะสู้ด้วยกำลังคุณต้องเปิดศึกสองด้านคุณก็ต้องต่อสู้กับการเมืองที่ไม่แน่นอนวาระประธานาธิบดีสหรัฐก็ถึงช่วงท้ายแล้ว

  5. There must be quite a few R's and D's that have just about had enough of the open ended 'help' to Ukraine. Like Afghanistan and Vietnam America will just get fed up with the whole mess. Per Biden there will be no backing off, but he is completely wrong. Forever has an end point!!

  6. Why not for once the leaders of the world don't flee, but instead stay on the battlefield until the Sun comes. For this time around won't be a reset and no need bring harm before via war or via nuclear gas through pipelines.

  7. Russia and ukrain reletion was good before zelenski want to join nato. War monger peoples. Usa enjoying its proxy war policy to grow defence industry make profits none other then it self only.

  8. Typical bias report, omitting facts and cheering for Ukrainian victory, the west does not count Ukrainian loses and long lasting damage as all they care is how much Russia will bleed. True western friendship with Ukraininan people. “Ghost of Kyiv” style propaganda.

  9. ประเทศที่เคยเงียบสงบ…ประชาชนมีความสุข เวลานี้มีแต่เสียงปืนเสียงระเบิด ความเจ็บปวดของพี่น้องชาวยูเครน….สู้เท่านั้นถึงจะชนะ ขอสันติภาพจงบังเกิดกับพี่น้องชาวยูเครนเร็วนะครับ

  10. Negotiations is the only thing that makes sense this is complete folly it’s ridiculous. The reason this one is even happening is because the US went back on their agreements and minsk 2 wasn’t enacted.
    US interest came into the region after the overthrow of a democratically elected leader .
    Who by the way was not a rush and Puppet just so you know you can look up the Reuters interview. He had a good reasons to reject the EU deal. No American hedgemony. Crimea did a legal vote for its independence in 1991 look it up. They wanted to join Russia.

  11. definitely a stalemate, the way I heard is that Germany wants to make a factory in Ukraine to produce tanks for Ukraine, so that definitely tells us that this war will last for years also the fight for bakmut is very important but a few people know why is because of the railway if they take it which will most probably will the kremlin can resupply quickly the east of the front and if they take zaporizhia they have access to resupply all the region they currently took, I make some study based on railways on the region they took so that is for certain, so yea basically a stalemate neither forces can push now is all mines and defensive positions on booth sides

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