• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Russians 'destroy NATO, capture 3 Zelenskyys' while Ukrainian paratroopers burn their tanks for real


Mar 18, 2023 , ,

The recent Russian General Staff ‘briefing’ reported on the destruction of 9 civilian cars, allegedly used by the Armed Forces of …


26 thoughts on “Russians 'destroy NATO, capture 3 Zelenskyys' while Ukrainian paratroopers burn their tanks for real”
  1. Shameless bastard of russian whore, has no any humanity!! This over 500 Ukrainian soldiers are human beings and nobody can judge them for defending their own country and people.
    Disgusting russian monsters and barbars

  2. That tank turret achieved excellent altitude but not too many points for style. All in all, a very good example of the famous orc ejection turret. I'm pretty sure that crew saved putler the cost of shipping their remains home because there just isn't anything left after that blast.

  3. Ukraine is fighting a present day Hitler. Putin: the man who wants to eliminate Ukrainians. NATO needs to put this present day Holocaust creator in a dungeon.
    Killing civilians with missiles, trying to starve and freeze them, he is a new Hitler, and this is a new Holocaust.

  4. Communists are habitual liars because the truth is that they are criminals pretending to be something else, and their first victims are their own people whom they enslave, so their leaders live like rich people and even monarchs. Don't let them fool you.

  5. I can show thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers. It is unnecessary to withdraw from Ukraine a country ready to defeat Russia. Russia destroys them like a cat destroys a mouse. More than 257,000 Ukrainian soldiers have already been killed. Some of them rot in the fields. If some fool thinks he can defeat Russia ! a nuclear power, then he is a deep idiot.

  6. They brought one of your buffoons, Zelensky, to the head of the country with games. They destroyed Ukraine. This is the US war of attrition of Russia. Ukraine is a bait… Europe has become a player of this. You have fallen into the trap of the USA. The US does not move a finger, nothing happens to its soldiers. It's happening to the Ukrainians.. a Zelenski Jewish agent on their head..

  7. The Russian deployment of 1.5 ton glide bombs UPAB-1500B guided bombs are a definite problem. Ukraine does not have anything, of real significance, similar to that, to match that level of potential escalation. That is a potentially very devastating weapon "KAB-1500 family, designed for the Russian Federation Air Force (RFAF) to carry out precision attacks, using 24-channel GLONASS and is equivalent to the United States Air Force (USAF) Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) family of Global Positioning System (GPS) guided weapons. Russia intends to fit it to the Su-24M, Su-34, Su-35 and Mig-35 aircraft. They hope to export to India and China." Of course a GPS guided weapon can be effectively countered if you have the right technology to do that, but we do not believe Ukraine has that capability to jam or misdirect those munitions. Ukraine similarly has no way to eliminate Russian satellites which are believed necessary for guiding the bombs. The bombs are around 5 meters long so the Gepard and other similar air defence systems might be able to hit them. However coming from high altitude that could prove dicey and difficult. We assume the munition is the high explosive warhead version. Its little brother is the KO8BE 505 Kg, 390Kg HE bomb. The UPAB-1500B contains around 1000 Kg HE, which has an 800 meter lethality radius and can punch through most types of concrete bunkers. Certainly could probably punch through most Ukraine facilities, though some Cold War era facilities in Ukraine might be resistant enough. Certainly Ukraine command and government needs to take serious notice of that. We note that Putin has used the recent incident to declare Ukraine a terrorist threat, and that means that Russia could target a wider range of targets, including the Ukraine government with its attacks. While it would be unwise for Russia to do so, we note that Russia has never been particularly wise or prudent. So the threat has to be taken as a real threat. Short of Ukraine being provided with some similar level of destructive lethality the potential Russian escalation to the use of the glide bombs could have devastating impact on Ukraine's situation. The bombs do not have to be extremely point accurate to be effective. Hitting in proximity will do immense damage.

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