• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

The UK is sending AS90 self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine. The UK is stepping up its support to Ukraine, with 14 Challenger 2 …


30 thoughts on “Ukraine: What can UK's self-propelled AS90 howitzers offer?”
  1. We are using the Ukrainians to fight a proxy war against Russia. Ukrainians are dying so the elite can make more money. I don't support this war, but I will always support the British army.

  2. They won't change anything, Poland already has the krab system working in Ukraine and there's plenty of footage of them being destroyed.
    There's simply not enough ammunition and no way to produce it for this war.
    Wasted resources, wasted lives.
    Talk peace instead of throwing away young soldiers lives in a war Ukraine cannot win.

  3. I hope they learn how to shoot and scoot… cause Russian artillery counter battery is some of the best. So they're probably not going to last long…. Russia has barely lifted a finger so far, I think everyone in the west is forgetting just who and what we're dealing with.

  4. These must be some military buffs in this comments section who can answer my question based on data and not pride..

    How does this piece of kit stack up against other western equipment of a similar nature?

  5. You are walking us into a nuclear confrontation while ignoring the Russians legitimate security concerns, the excesses of the ukranian gov targeting ethnic Russians in donbas and the war crimes committed by the Azov battalion since 2014. This is reckless and instead of being statesmen you treat this situation like call of duty. We are only alive today because one Russian officer refused his captain's order and a president chose not to invade Cuba as advocated by his staff , not knowing there were tactical nukes in theatre commanded by a Stalingrad veteran who would not blink.

  6. They can offer what any modern weaponry can offer to Ukraine – more dead russian occupants. And that is exactly what they need. Not only them, but the whole world. When will we finally realize that this is not only Ukraine's war and if they will lose – putin will not stop? Doesn't matter how soon but sooner or later he will invade other countries, Poland or Baltic ones. We can't allow this to happen and putin will only stopped if he is forced to do so by Ukrainians and our military aid kicking their ass in a joint effort.

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