• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian artillery lands direct hit on Russian armoured vehicles in Luhansk. In this dramatic footage, Russian …


30 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery lands direct hit on Russian armoured vehicles in Luhansk”
  1. I honestly think the Russians have lost, You can not destroy a n Nation by attacking it's civilians, The Ukrainian nation are much to string for that. you just strengthen there resave come what may. And when Russia has a president who is a reborn Hitler then there will be only one outcon: God bless Ukraine and all it's people. The Civilised world is behind you

  2. funny channel LOL…. Russia has conquered 20 % of Ukraine in a few months using their oldest and rusitest soviet equipment, without using any of their 6,000 nuke and thousands of most advanced missiles and bombs… and it's literally demolishing Ukraine… and this channel and other similar ridiculous channels show every day the Ukrainian army destroying Russian positions…. LOL For every destroyed Russian position that this channel shows every day, Russia destroys 5 or 10 Ukrainian..otherwise Ukraine would have conquered 20 % of Russia and not the other way around …

  3. All because of the Gremlin in The Kremlin. All persons should have the same rights to live and breathe on this Planet. He has " special militarily removed" those rights. For hundreds of thousands who are now deceased, on both sides. To the losses on both sides RIP. By reports, there were many who didn't want to fight for Comrade Number One.

  4. Military family, "orders never trump GOD given FREE WILL", stand down !!
    Them/they truly need a reality check !!
    Those who ALWAYS "stand up in solidarity". What are you going to do when your forced to fight your own battles ??

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  6. Funny, the display on the drone is in russian, the text to design the bmp is in russian, but the logo on top left is in ukrainian… i saw the video on russian channel, and they tell is a BTR4…

    Where is the truth ?

  7. Photographs of over 8000 destroyed/damaged/captured Russian vehicles can be found by googling Oryx Ukraine.
    Ukraine: You are an inspiration to the world!
    Russia: You are the very worst of humanity …
    … although using the term 'humanity' is way too generous.

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