• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Ukrainian Artillery Pounds Russian Military Targets In Donbas


Mar 18, 2023

As Russia bombed cities across Ukraine on October 10, fighting continued to rage along the front lines in the east of the country.


32 thoughts on “Ukrainian Artillery Pounds Russian Military Targets In Donbas”
  1. The variety of weapons coming to the battlefield, which are of Western origin, represents an insoluble problem for maintenance and supply… the destruction of bridges and railways that will inevitably follow will only make it worse… Glory to the Ukrainians to the last Ukrainian… realistically 5-7 000 000 citizens , with that number they wouldn't pose a danger to Russia … honestly they had a chance for a better future, but the smell of Coca Cola and hamburgers was stronger ….

  2. Few days back they 'pounded' a military target right in the centre of Donetsk. Shell landed right in-between grandma, her daughter and a granddaughter, on their way to ballet lesson. This stuff is happening since 2014. EU/US are in on it from the start. I hope Piutin does't stop on Polish border…

  3. These men are being used as puppets to facilitate the wealth and geo political goals of a wealthy and powerfull few.
    Im not buying into the im proud of you comment. I sure understand where its coming from but it just sounds completely baseless. Even if we the West, win this war, what will winning even look like? Millions of ukrainians dead and theyre whole country in ruble, congrats, you won. Putin already said they would rather level Ukraine then let it fall in natos hands, his isnt bluffing. So far it isnt needed to do so, but how long are we going to poke the bear, risking everything. Cheers all you bots and mindless folks. Dont forget to close the windows when the Nuke hits.

  4. breaking news. Saddam has wmd's and can destroy the world in minutes. In other news mercan troops are making huge gains in Vietnam and will have the country under full control in coming days. More breaking news. mercan and uk troops have the Taliban almost destroyed and will have Afghanistn under full control any day now.
    oh I do love a good laugh in the morning
    oh and praise jebus!

  5. The leaders and soldiers of the ukairiana are just a pack of hunting dogs raised by the US and then chased away the Russian base to serve the interests of America's hegemony in the world bandits. We send greetings from Vietnam

  6. Я одного не понимаю . Не ужели вы правда не понимаете , что при численном перевесе 1/3 , минимум
    вы действительно можете победить ? Если бы не Европейско-Американские друзья , вам пизда бы уже давно была . Вы чем то пытаетесь бахвальствовать . Но у вас ниего совсем нет своего и не будет !!! Вы останетесь ни с чем . В нищите , с кредитами и долгами . Россия вам ни чего выплачивать не будет . Слава России !!!

  7. Russia and Ukraine should be negotiating. No way for Ukraine to win unless there is a nuclear war. Wait, nobody wins then. Ukraine/NATO is hiring ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters because the Ukrainian military has had so many casualties. Arms manufacturers are making a bundle. So are their bought and paid for politicians on all sides.

  8. стреляли а куда непонятно, в небо. Верить на слово хуеплетам из радио свободы? тут таких дураков и без меня хватает.

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