• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

When might Ukraine run out of artillery and how many rounds can the US give to Ukraine?

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20 thoughts on “When might Ukraine run out of artillery and how many rounds can the US give to Ukraine?”
  1. It is sad to see comments regurgitate orks propaganda.

    All you ruskis nut-huggers are traitors to American nation. Why don’t you pack you bags and emigrate the heck out to your Russia, closer to your fuhrer’s ass, which will be easier for you to kiss every day?

  2. Well, now heavy equipment is coming instead only artillery and javelins. Like Bradley's, CV-90's, Leo tanks, 100 miles reach HIMARS and many other goodies for Ukraine. Enough to keep the Russians busy for many years, and I guess F-16 will be the next step.

  3. Ukes vs Ruskies is a local civil war? If the US is the US, they make other peoples business, their business. US can’t stand to not be part of the party going on. If they can’t attend, they want to provide the party favors, do the planning, and DJ the event.

  4. Another huge waste of resources and an idiotic war where our elites make out like bandits and the rest of us deal with the consequences. Dang, we really need some sort of revolution.

  5. TBH the real problem is with 152mm (Soviet block ammunision), Ukraine has a lot more post soviet cannons that modern NATO, but they have no more ammunition. In western world. Only small factory in Czechia and factory in Poland produce this type of shells. Everythink is going to ukraine, but it just not enought. Thats why NATO countries starts to give Ukraine standard NATO artillery

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