• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, the United States and European governments have been scrutinising Africa’s …


23 thoughts on “World of Africa: Africa divided over Ukraine war”
  1. Those refugees who came to uk from Ukraine are also racists
    You can search the documentary on YouTube.
    They say uk has too many coloured people and they dotn wanna live amongst coloured people.

  2. If The Russians kills or invaded the entire Europe.Not only Ukraine..!! African have nothing to lose..!! How many African killed by European..for the past 400 years…?? God have nothing to lose..!! It will be victory for Asia…South America. Latin America…and Africa..!!! Goodluck to Russians…!!!

  3. Though african narrative use the rhetoric that russia, china, cuba helped in their independence struggle, that moved them from colonial rule.
    What really happened is that most of the transition was toward despotic rule, hence most of their political class All desire to be putins, whinny the pooh, or castro.

  4. Africa Continent, don’t support US/EU/NATO.
    Africans are friends to Russia Federations as Russia didn’t colonize Africans, but Americans & British, Portugal & Catholic Church, conspired & colonized Africans.

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