• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Ukraine has placed an order with Berlin for 18 155mm RCH-155 barreled artillery systems. Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) is the …


31 thoughts on “Finally! Ukraine Will Used a German RCH 155 Self-Propelled Howitzers To Destroy Russia”
  1. The west is not sending western tanks, but giving super advanced artilery, which is 10 times better than any western tank. What is going on?

  2. The RCH-155 on BOXER Plattform is a really good weapon. MRSI fire, 3 rounds in 10 sec. and all advantages of german PzH2000.
    Combat by counter-artillery strikes will become more important in the future. Germany has already made a COBRA SYSTEM available to Ukraine. This identifies the exact position of the enemy artillery within a salvo and the position is transmitted to your own artillery. So if this data of a Ukrainian Panzerhaubitze 2000 (German PzZ2000 or RCH-155mm) is available, this target will be destroyed with the next salvo.

    And that is why it is extremely important for a modern army to convert all artillery from stationary to highly mobile. In addition, such an artillery system must be able to leave the position within 30 seconds after the shot. For example, CAESAR from France takes 1-2 minutes to change location. This is too much and puts CAESAR in danger of being knocked out by COUNTER artillery. And CAESAR is already a mobile artillery, but that's not enough.

    German systems like PzH2000, RCH-155 or the truck-bound version guarantee that… also ARCHER from Sweden.

    In addition to excellent accuracy, MRSI fire and rapid relocation from the firing position are the key points of superior artillery. And of course, the aiming accuracy of RCh-155 or PzH2000 is second to none. At 50km the deviation is 1-2m. Thus the only artillery in the world (currently) that can reliably work on moving targets.

  3. A Ucrânia precisa de sistema anti missil, o mais rapido possível, senão o Kremlin ja disse, que quer destruir toda a rede energética e de gas da Ucrânia. estão a espera de que!?

  4. Yup! That for sure will defeat Russia. I see i have to unsub from this fake military channel. You idiots forgot Putin has nukes and hypersonics? But yea a bunch of howitzers from Germany(another country with weapins in Ukraine to fight a proxy war against Russia) will win that war. What bulls*** you are posting. Just Wow

  5. Does this artillery have the ability to factor in recoil? Does it take into account
    how much the vehicle shifts under firing?
    Also, would stabilizers help the accuracy?

  6. What is your nationality? I take it its not an English speaking European country…?
    Heaven forbid… are you from Murica? Attempting to read the shitty clickbaity title of the video , I have to say; You speak Murican really good, for it certainly isn't English you are using in your braindead title.

  7. I pray Russia destroyes them Ukraine they are the money laundering greedy sextraffic children and bioweapons labs for Deepstate cabel and Nato and USA. And Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Pure evil. God knows.

  8. fuuuu damn it no weapons from germany to ukraine it just keeps the slaughter going and we already have enough problems just hand ukraine over to russia so this nonsence is over

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