• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Insane UNSEEN Trench Combat Footage – Ukraine War – Sniper Reviews Footage is believed to be from March/April in Luhansk.


30 thoughts on “INSANE UNSEEN Trench Combat Footage – Ukraine War – Sniper Reviews”
  1. @2:37 At least one Attacker is shot and instantly killed (presumably; he slumps and his buddies shoot over the body/do not attempt to pull him back away from the tip of the assault). I missed that on the first watch.

  2. That Ukrainian soilder is a true man, When faced with impossible odds he didn't cower, didn't run, didn't cry he just kept fighting to the end i hope i can also do the same someday, May he rest in peace.

  3. Dude threw away, 3 live grenades. That's so fuckin insane. It's unfortunate, that his comrade left him. They were doing quite well, defending together, holding that curve in the trench. Then the dude in the rear, ran away. Might have been for a purpose, to go warn others. Maybe the dude that fought to the death, stayed, to carry out the rear guard action. Maybe, it was something they had discussed previously. Idk. Either way, they dropped the Russian lead man. And he got several bullets, and a grenade, actually, several. You know he didn't survive. Seemed to me, at first, they were doing quite well. For being 2 guys, against a whole squad. Too bad they didnt start throwing nades, like the Rusians were. 1 good nade woulda killed most of the attacking squad.

    Edit: after several views of the video, I realize, they were flanked, off the right of the screen. The one man was shot 3:20, and the other ran away, realizing they were flanked. Wasn't planned at all. They were being overrun. Must have been extremely terrifying.

  4. I served in US Army during the Cold War , and Iraq. Looks like things are returning to the 1980s Russian world perspective. Back in19 89 when the wall came down, my fellow scouts were saying Russia will be a problem in 20 to 30 yrs. Well we were right. Russia has shown it's true colors again. Remember the Russians were allies with the Nazis in Poland. Soviets murdered a bunch of Poles. Russia ONLY jumped to the allies side when Germany went back on their word, and attacked the Russian world , Glory to Ukraine ! It's time the Russian bear gets knocked out. Keep up the good work on your videos. Carry on , and Scouts Out ! HOOAH

  5. He got hit at 3:20 into the left shoulder. Might have succumbed to blood-loss later? Cause after that one I can't see him being hit another time before he lay down. This is really hard to see. All alone dying there in the dirt. How fast it goes from alive and not really awaiting death to lying dead on the ground. Absolutely brave men. Unbelievable.

  6. one of the russians was killed before the ukraine soldier left the other ukraine soldier in the trench nitchhttps://youtu.be/UnIWEVtqolE?t=173 and the soldier in the nitch was definitely shot before throwing the grenade out RIP. Smart and quick reaction knowing he had no time to climb out and was wounded also. One thing I wonder in these trench videos is the low number of Ukraine soldiers defending such big trench system. also the second green circle behind the ukraine soldier in the nitch is just brush on the side of the trench. you guys need better monitors for real or try zooming in before explaining

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