• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Italy PM responds to Jaishankar's 'European mindset' jibe over Russia-Ukraine war | Watch

Italian PM Giorgia Meloni responded to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s “European mindset” jibe. Speaking at Raisina …


44 thoughts on “Italy PM responds to Jaishankar's 'European mindset' jibe over Russia-Ukraine war | Watch”
  1. Further more I humbly believe that Jaishankar and Lavrov are two of the outstanding foreign ministers we have in the world today whether you agree with them or not they are on top of there portfolio

  2. Further more in todays diplomatic world as foreign ministers I humbly believe that Jaishankar and Lavrov or o top of there game

  3. The rest of the world has nothing to do with Europe's problem. It is time for Europe to stand on its own because we (the global south) have been feeding and supporting your continent for a long time. Take care of your garden and we will take care of our Jungle!

  4. The most important takeaway here is that a casual moment of honest talk by Jaishankar is used by the Head of State of a G20 country to drive home a point. I think this is why Elon Musk suggests world leaders to shun political correctness and speak their mind.

  5. Dr Jaishankar was right. Either Europe has same mindset or became so weak so it cannot take care of its own local problems. Now asking world to come in. Dr Jaishankar was very right about it and it is proven now. She used the same words.

  6. Am going just put it out there. UK had no army. Norway Sweden their army is 45% wm 15% men. The rest tech I suppose. Anyway EU needs Indian. EU if they can will do anything by hook or crook or by emotional control to get their way with India. What India and China need to do is make friends. Take pakistani take Norway take Sweden and take UK and then USA. Besides all those country have tech with are useless if u take out the satellites. I suppose Russia and North Korea, could help. But thinking about getting rid of these wk left wind femt bs rainbow noneense we need a new G Khan.

  7. Jaishankar rightfully called out Europe’s biased and myopic vision.

    While i agree that Russian aggression and occupation is illegal and should be opposed, where is Europe when China is occupying countries in the name of debt? Where was Europe when China ignored LOC and occupied Indian land. How is Europe allowing the suppression of people by the dictator in North Korea for so long.

    Italian PM chooses to pick only what’s convenient for them while ignoring world’s problems.

  8. 01:34: With the current “international laws” Some countries don’t just risk being invaded by their neighbors but also fro countries thousand miles away (Iraq-USA)

  9. This wasn't the World's problem…instead Europe and west are trying to make it the World's problem by escalating the situation. Had they taken the Russia-Ukraine war more responsibly rather than as an opportunity, the situation would have been different. If you consider any statement of Western media or political institution, their tone in their so called "peace proposal" towards Russia ends with threatening tone because they still have this "I am the boss of the world" kind of mentality, where every other nation must agree on their terms.

  10. White USA UK and Europe think that the world must stop for them. That all should be subjugated to solve problems that the EU, USA and UK caused themselves. Until the world says no. "You broke it you fix it" should be the response to the so called West The immature UK, USA and EU mindset will indeed never evolve. Unless they are told NO!

  11. Indian people's problems can be taken seriously by world only when Indians take each other problems seriously and stop thinking just about themselves but their neighbours and society. As first step stop corruption ( people do corruption only when they want everything for themselves ) and respect other Indians.

  12. More and more doubtful of Meloni's competence, and the more she embraces Zelensky, the more I am reminded of Mussolini. Look to your own Italian banks. They are NOT in good shape. Your stupid problems may soon become the world's problems.

  13. So do India’s border issues and wars become Europe’s problem reciprocally? Do the Middle Eastern wars become european problems? Do African border wars/ ethnic cleansing become European problems? If not why should their wars be our problem?

  14. Its the old case we are white europeans our blood/life is worth more then people from other parts of the world racist view from this cunt of a italien so called leader

  15. Europe can't even handle the Balkan crisis in 1992 and now let alone Russian Ukraine.Europe is so weak in handling its own problem.That's what lead to 2 World War before.

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