• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

'Let Them Feel The Force Of Their Own Weapon': Ukrainians Fire Captured Russian Artillery


Mar 19, 2023

The Ukrainian Army’s 93rd Mechanized Brigade is using a captured self-propelled howitzer, a 2S5 Giatsint-S, to hit back against …


35 thoughts on “'Let Them Feel The Force Of Their Own Weapon': Ukrainians Fire Captured Russian Artillery”
  1. Maybe we shouldn't have started this proxy war as the Russians obviously outguns, outranges, outmunitions the Ukrainians. This story feels so much of desperation. Sad.

  2. Great that these Ukrainians are 100% motivated and push forward with a concerted effort. The enemy on the other hand have little enthusiasm and the only incentive is not being shot for doing a runner by their own side.

  3. The media makes seem like Ukraine is winning but the realities on grounds show that more than of Ukraine is in ruins from Russian brutal bombardments. The Ukrainians would been better off not fighting this war. This country can never been the same again after this pounding and bombing. Zelensky is the worst president in Ukraine for bringing this hardship and deaths on his people. Why insisting on joining NATO when you had a peaceful and prosperous nation and you weren't under any threat of war? Did he think NATO had the balls to confront Russia?

  4. Shoot and scoot!
    Give Ivan a taste of his own medicine. It doesn't get any better than shelling the enemy with his own shells.
    Why didn't Ivan spike the guns?
    Too busy running away?

  5. Radio Free Europe supporting an illegal government installed by the U.S.as a coup regime change over an elected government which killed 15,000 civilians since 2014?

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