• Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

No, Russia did not "capture and destroy" Ukraine’s Leopard 2 tanks • FRANCE 24 English

According to social media images, Leopard 2 tanks – just delivered to Ukraine after weeks of waiting – have been destroyed by …


30 thoughts on “No, Russia did not "capture and destroy" Ukraine’s Leopard 2 tanks • FRANCE 24 English”
  1. Looks like Russia is encircling the German 8th army @ stalingrad to me. About to annihilate the Ukrainian army surrounded. Let’s see how USA media portrays this. Russia uses 40,000 pows for peace. Since president Z don’t want peace as of sept2022 and his degree outlawing any negotiations with Russia as long as Putin in power. I wonder who made President Z make that law ?? . And when one man makes the laws in a democracy? That’s really called an authoritarian state .

    Also, it tells me the Ukrainians don’t control the air ….

  2. I woke up in America feeling thankful today, then I remember what Ukrainians are waking up to and my heart dropped. This Russian attack against Ukrainian freedom and independence needs to stop. Enough people have died. If Russia won’t end it Ukraine’s Allies need to supply enough support to get the job done quickly. This can drag on no more!

  3. Even if it were true, so what? I'd imagine some will be destroyed and some may be captured. Hopefully the Ukrainians are able to put the majority of them to good use.

  4. Last time German tanks set their tracks on Ukrainian soil, they punched all the way to the gates of Moscow, and it took the entirety of Russia, the utmost help of the UK and all her allies, and the enormous material help of the US, to push them back.
    I wouldn't test my luck again if I were Putin, especially now that he has no one left by his side to help him except North Korea and Iran!

  5. Can we stop just sending weapons and actually send troops to end this conflict? Also when does China face consequences for enabling Russia. Without China backing, Russia would have backed out a lot sooner, maybe never invaded at all.

  6. If aka (NATO -US) is winning how come Zelensky is asking for more more more like Drone , Himars Foreign troops , Tanks then plane why not ask for nukes to end this onces and for all or maybe Peace Talk.

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