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Ukraine Used An American M777 155mm Howitzers To Destroy Russia What is this M777 howitzer, which caused such a …


41 thoughts on “Russia Panic: Ukraine Used An American M777 155mm Howitzers To Destroy Russia”
  1. At 6:20 you refer to the Excalibur artillery round as a missile – missiles have a rocket motor, Excalibur is fired using a propellant load, but in flight has no additional propellant.

  2. My Father was in the Finnish/Russian skirmish where Russia handed the Finns their behinds in '39. Finns did a stellar job picking off the Ruskies. However, the Finns did lose to superior forces. My Father came to the U.S. for a new start as Russia took the island, they called home away from them. Once here , settled in the Bronx on 5th Ave. and gainfully working was drafted to the U.S. Army. Sent to Guam and the Philippines. He ended up as a cannoneer [622] till the end of the War. Lucky SOB , Huh ? He did make it back unscathed to settle in Ohio. I'll bet he would have loved to have a piece of equipment like the 777 as opposed to the old style Howitzers.

  3. It's still a towed howitzer which can be a problem in war. After you shoot the enemy can use radars to pinpoint the location where you are. Russia is know to use this and with the addition of drones using a towed howitzer becomes less useful. At best Russia can retaliate in 2 minutes. The M777 is not that fast to get out. Great weapon but Mobile howitzers are always better.

  4. Double up on the shipments to Ukraine. This kit is another game changer. The more Ukraine has the sooner Putin and his boys will have to pack it in. We don't want to stop Russia. We wnat to kick them out of the Ukraine and Crimea. Leave them so weak that they will not be a continuous threat to their neighbors and the west in general. We need to bankrupt them like what was done to the USSR! They didn't learn the lesson first time around time for another one.

  5. i agree there jumping in on the discounted oil witch is undermining what NATO and the us are trying to do were paying heavy at the pumps and food they cant be trusted i agree no sale to india and i also believe we should be giving better weapons to Ukraine not just shells that can go 40 miles but shells that can reach the heart of Russia you have to keep the fear of god in them just because you can shoot that far doesn't mean you have to but its nice to have the option as things change on the battlefield

  6. Is it just me or does the number of howitzers seem kind of small? I sorta expected there would be more in general. Maybe its just the media i've consumed but seeing lines of artillery getting smashed by air support, small groups of protagonists, player characters in games, etc. makes me think one would have more than a thousand on hand seeing their effectiveness conflicts would make them a high priority target. roughly a thousand is a lot but i guess we dont go through them as much as i've been lead to believe lol

  7. Unfortunatly Russia is far from panic, do not lie yourself. Ukrainian artillerists can use this gun only for 20% because it has the problem with skilled specialist, some of them made the training but after rotation the new personal use this gun like in 50s It is unacceptable use and dump of this sophisticated weapon. Ukrainians urgently need western skilled military advisers at least at the company level. If this situation will not change next weeks the consequences will be horrible.

  8. Ruska will just keep throwing humans at the fight until they get what they want. They have never been afraid of doing that. Sadly they will get what they want in the end. I dont wish it, however sadly this will happen.

  9. The thing is that USA send the M777 but without the digital fire control system. You see it on every Ukranien video which the howitzer is fired. On the uper left corner you see that they don't have the digital fire control system. The Ukraniens can't use the Excalibur rounds.

  10. what happened to the ultra clean neutron bomb? i would call that the king of the battlefield. If ukraine had used one during the buildup to this idiocy there would be no war or inflation.

  11. The Virgin Russian: well, we got nukes!

    The Chad Ukraine: cellular device detected! Tagged! Fire mission, 3 rounds, HE-I, Impact, Charge FULL! at 55.949* by 37.573* at 56.951’! Fire for effect!

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