• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

A Russian soldier instantly regrets giving a Ukrainian drone the finger moments before the area is blown to hell in massive …


44 thoughts on “Russian soldier instantly REGRETS giving Ukraine drone the finger as base is destroyed”
  1. Unfortunately Just shows how simple the Russian military is..Any soldier with half a brain knows when u see any kind of enemy air support you take cover ASAP, I mean damn if your not going to retreat at least try shooting it out of the sky…

  2. Bet they don't flip the bird to much now days do they!! Not when they know an American 777 howitzer can pick fleas off your bum while you take your morning poop

  3. They keep writing the same jokes here. I wish had read the comments first.

    By the way, this is a cool move if you are on the battlefield. The same is true if he was a US or Ukrainian soldier.

  4. If this was US forces they'd be mowing down survivors with Spooky. And the world called their army a threat to 1st world nations? No infra reflective materials, roof mounted AI mini guns to disable the bomb in air or generous use of camo netting so EVERY unit/target in martial ingredients looks the same? Ffs- the Canadian local airport can detect any and all drones in a 5mile radius but the Russians can't even field a radar for large units on the move? This is suicidal and they'll keep throwing men at the problem until Putin is removed or goes nuclear…

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