• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

The Russian embassy in London is the site of regular protests against the yearlong invasion of Ukraine. Russia’s ambassador to …


27 thoughts on “Russia's Andrey Kelin: Ukraine invasion can be called 'civil war' | Talk to Al Jazeera”
  1. Is the British, American, Polish or any other western ambassador given a platform on Russian TV to state the Wests views in an unedited interview? I’ll wait here for a link to that video being posted….

  2. It's only a civil war if it's within a single country. The fact they speak similar languages and used to be ruled from Moscow under various brutal Empires, does not mean Ukraine belongs to Russia. Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014. No if, buts or maybes.

  3. Did anyone notice the same language that Hitler used to justify the invasion of Poland? A civil war is within a country. A Russian invasion is not a "civil war," it is the desperate act of a failed state to divert attention from its failure. Bad move when your army is too corrupted to fight… too incompetent to do logistics & to ill organized to have ammunition at the front…Stop making excuses for Putine's delusions.  

    Every bully's argument: "The fight started when he hit me back."
    "We do not target civilian infrastructure." That is a lie.

    PS. What business is it of Russia's if an independent neighboring country has "an extremely nationalist government"?

  4. Watch out behind you Russia ,when you are depleted China will slip in behind you and claim some of your territory,thus giving you one up your jacksi get used to it…

  5. Diplomacy for some people is a science but paying attention to the behaviors of this Russia's ambassador, Mr. Andrey Keli, in this interview you can learn a lot about the concept of diplomacy. Mr Kely was born to be a diplomatic agent, why? it is simple, Mother Nature gave him the natural quality of being confident, slow talking, appropriate smiling, y very knowledgeable about international issues of his opponents, and his capacity to make association with the current issue in Ukraine. Mr. Kely from this interview revealed that he has an excellent education and English language.

  6. It is a civil was created by Russians. Russians have admitted they agitated the locals in Donbas. The little green men and Strelkov. This triggered fighting which Russians use and an excuse. for invasion.

  7. Wow, the Ambassador was really put in the hot seat, all the "ums" and "nervous giggling" as well as his beat red face are dead give aways. He looks like a hostage forced at gun point to read prepared statements by his captures! I think this guy actually had a good relationship with the west and is now reduced to repeating exactly what the Kremlin wants him to. The only thing I agree with him with is I think western leaders and media should at least shed light on the war that has been going on in Ukraine since 2014 and try to empathize with Russia on a couple points. Not saying they have to agree with Russia but at least acknowledge that Russia did have some reasons for going into Ukraine. Our media acts like Russia attacked Ukraine for literally no reason. This makes it impossible for the average citizen to actually understand the conflict.

  8. Gee that’s a relief
    Now we have a promise that Russia won’t use nuckear weapons
    Just as in the 23rd of Feb 2022 Putin promised that Russia had no intention of invading Ukraine
    Russians cannot be trusted

  9. So now he lists crimes commiitted by NATO but doesn’t mention the crimes of the Russian empire

  10. All the squirming and obfuscation and outright lying cannot change the FACT that Russia invaded Ukraine for whatever reason is most favourable to the Russian narrative at the moment
    Here Klein accuses Ukraine of genocide in Donbas which is not documented anywhere but denies the slaughter of civilians in Bucha which is documented
    The charge that it was staged by the Ukrainians is just absurd and totally unsupportable
    As Lenin said tell a lie often enough and eventually it will be believed
    The Russians are very good at this form of revisionism
    Hitler used the exact same justification for invading Poland
    According to Hitler Polandxeas planning an attack on Germany and ethnic Germans weee being discriminated against in Gdańsk

  11. The “ alleged” military build up in Ukraine was only a threat to Russia because of the Russian tendency to attack its neighbours
    If Russia would behave like a civilised liberal democracy and not like a medieval czarist autocracy there would be no need for NATO expansion or military build up
    But ever since Putin took power Russia has become an increasing menace to global peace and security
    So the REAL reason for Putin’s war is the “nationalist “ government of Ukraine waging an alleged genocide on the Russians of Donbas

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