• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

THREE Russian tanks explode in flaming inferno after Ukrainian artillery brigade launch strikes. In this dramatic footage, three …


42 thoughts on “Three Russian tanks explode in flaming inferno after Ukrainian artillery strike”
  1. What ever tank explode, is russian! This tik-toc heroes are loosing nothing, maybe this is the reason they ask for weapons and begg for money, or they already export to middle est lot of weapons?

  2. There's a big difference between an invading military force and a armed military defending their home land .. their family , their friends, their way of life . Ukraine armed forces are doing a very good job against a larger Russian military . The difference is staggering . The Ukrainians are using better equipment , along with western backed training are putting Putin's so called army on the defensive . I hope that over time Russian forces realize that they are under led .. and out gunned by superior western armaments. We all know that Putin will never admit defeat / lose face , with the Russian people and that the only way to snatch victory from defeat is to use nuclear weapons . Which will put him at odds with NATO . I just hope that Putin knows thT if he ever does use nuclear weapons he'll lose bid time ! Yes Rusdia is a nuclear power , but it's capability is second rate compared to the combined power of the West and their abilities .

  3. It's kind of funny watching this on youtube when you look at the Russian videos that are available on line you see the same crap with Ukrainian soldiers been blow to smithereens by Russian bombs. Like the truck full of Ukrainian soldiers last week. Senseless all of it. War is useless.

  4. That turret (yehaa here I am, I will smile to the camera 0:30)
    Are they GPS locked / depended these shells with some in-path adjustment abllity according to target, as they are shockingly precise..

  5. There's a "cencored" video out there where the tanks turret was flying in the air and the commander was still attached to it. He wasn't even recognizable after that.

  6. With the advances in anti-tank weapons and drones, the tank is far from the feared battlefield weapon it once was. Now they are more like a death trap.

  7. The Russian people should see just how their men are dying in the thousands…
    But Putin has controlled the media & anyone who speaks against the war goes to prison.
    I just watched a documentary & it followed Russian citizens who attempted to report the number of soldiers killed..
    They were arrested for spreading lies about the army…
    Russia says 5000 have died , but the int'l community puts that number over 70'000 killed.
    The Russians were being told the war is going well …
    Then Putin announced the 300'000 who would be called up…
    Once again , thousands of protesters were arrested…
    I wonder how Putin will explain the loss of this war & the thousands who died needlessly.

  8. These are snuff films. Plain and simple. People like watching other people die. Even if it's at the stake of being real. The people at Jesus feet that stayed for the show. The ones who wanted to watch. Welcome to Babylon.

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