• Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Trump ‘guarantees’ to end Ukraine war within a day; ‘Will tell Putin and Zelensky…’ | Watch


Mar 19, 2023

Donald trump has ‘guaranteed’ to end Ukraine war within 24 hours if he gets re-elected as U.S president. Former american …


41 thoughts on “Trump ‘guarantees’ to end Ukraine war within a day; ‘Will tell Putin and Zelensky…’ | Watch”
  1. Y'all Americans weak just let Putin have his areas ok bet…. Who ever robs your house let him have the parts he wants as long as he lets your family live….

  2. Says he would allow Russia to annex part of Ukraine to end war. Wonder if he feels the same way about mexico annexing part of US to end migrant crises

  3. Y'all stupid people stop support this piece of natzi clown like Putin wining little girl he can't fix shit he will fuck everything more than it is an he ain't gone help nobody but his own people he's racist he talks to much bullshit look he even made the stupid proud racist boys go against there own people trying to overthrow there own government stupid he ain't gone get shit done an plus his republican all he promotes is violence an he gets all those racist White people hype up he's garbage

  4. Trump needs to encourage mail in votes this time around. I feel like he would’ve won if he did. I know it’s not right and should be done in person but you gotta use the lefts tactics to beat them at their own game

  5. " In Trump we trust " Our leader`s here in Europe are to weak, (with some exception), we need a strong MAN to end this war, Mr. D. Trump is our MAN, Greets from Scandinavia.

  6. I believe him, since crimea is 60 % russian, plit it east west with a border down the middle and let Ukraine keep the Donbass etc. Can be done in 24 hrs the peace will come.

  7. For all those who are skeptical, this conflict would be simple for the US to end. Stop sending Ukraine 10 billion a month.

  8. Oh you mean like the last time you promised the exact same thing and did fuck all when you figured out it’s actually gonna make your friends bank. The stupidity of people to believe anything this man says is beyond belief – guy bad mouths Mexico and then signs nafta 2,, promises to clean up the swamp instead just takes kick backs.

  9. USA will become Russia 2.0, Ukraine will be decimated and Western Europe will be in flames with Russian tanks going to Berlin and Brussels. That's what happens if Trump is re-elected.

  10. come to terms with reality, you are the biggest fuckers in the world. You climb everywhere, shove your dollar to everyone and rob the whole world. We tried to talk to you, but you are blind, deaf and stupid. Stop raping the planet, your time has passed.

  11. Has anybody actually considered WHAT Trump might actually say to P and Z and be prepared do to "make a deal", "to stop the war"?. Think about it.

    1. Since both P and Z are firmly fixated on their diametrically opposing outcomes, to stimulate any actions towards a ceasefire and subsequent "peace deal" Trump would have to feel he is in some position of power and threaten something against each side. Just asking for some agreeable compromise WILL NOT work. But in reality, there is nothing Trump can threaten Putin with. Lol. Russia currently stands in a stronger position that the US.
    2. So, to get Zelensky to shut up about re-taking Crimea and Donbass, all Trump has to say is that he is stopping forthwith all US and NATO weapons, intel, advisors. Zelensky would then melt into a heap and recognise his defeat in the face of a crushing Russian military.
    3. To threaten Putin to stop fighting, Trump would have to threaten full war by the US plus NATO against Russia. He would never threaten nukes, as America would be toast in return. Despite a bloody conventional battle, Putin would not want escalation to that point over his, once simple, SMO. So rather than escalate, he would capitulate at the status quo . "Ok, Donald. We won't move on Odessa or Kharkiv Oblasts". The funny thing is that NATO countries, the EU, the Pentagon, and the American people don't want WWIII either — so it is in fact an empty threat. Putin knows this, but Zelensky doesn't. He thinks it is some great option to achieve his own goals. IDIOT. So #2 + #3 equates to "US fully in or fully out"! And we all know which Trump prefers!
    4. So, if $2 and #3 makes for a ceasefire, then comes the matter of territory. Russia wants what it already has. I think Trump would say "fair enough, Vlad. Suck it up, Volodymyr".
    5. As for NATO, Trump hates it, and would easily promise "Ok Vlad. Nowhere else than where it currently is. Suck it up Volodymyr".
    6. As for neutrality, I think Trump would want that IF Russia signs in blood never to leave its own borders again. Then EVERYONE would feel safe.
    7. As for sanctions, I think Trump would lift them IF Russia agrees to pay some amount of restitution for its land grab of Donbass. That would help Ukraine rebuild. Trump knows that rebuilding Donbass and helping Ukraine rebuild will be a major cost to Russia for decades. And if Trump promises to also help Ukraine rebuild, it will become a western nation … at peace with Russia.

    Of course there's other aspects, but Trump's root focus (for his own and US interests) is "not to waste anymore money on this stupid little country called Ukraine".

    All over, Zelensky is a cooked goose with or without Trump. It's his call to save or destroy his own country. Trump will just call that out. Zelensky will then run off to live in Florida, and Donald might well be assasinated by the Deep State for his heretical moves against thier desires for a forever war against Russia.

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