• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

War in Ukraine : Russia tries to close ring on Bakhmut • FRANCE 24 English

Russian forces carried out relentless attacks on Bakhmut on Wednesday (March 1) trying to encircle the small eastern Ukrainian …


32 thoughts on “War in Ukraine : Russia tries to close ring on Bakhmut • FRANCE 24 English”
  1. Zelensky address to Congress : “the fight for Bahkmut will change the trajectory or our war for independence and freedom”…… also said Ukraine would never loose another city…. Nice !

  2. there is no battle for Bakhmut, Russia and Wagner's PMC'S have taken the city and all Ukrainian Troops have retreated and Russia have planted flags in the centre of Bakhmut, this is Fake News I have done my research and fact checked.
    Zelensky doesn't have enough artillery or weapons and they haven't got enough ammunition to fight an offensive.
    Right now Ukrainian Shoulders have to spare the bullets and they are all retreating to Khiv as Russia is taking back Kherson, Russia spring offensive is going strong and Ukraine will have to surrender or have more innocent people die.

  3. Don't think that the orcs will win just because they manage to break through a single defensive wall, albeit an important one. It has been quite a difficult struggle for them afterall even though they continue to have the advantage of resources over the Ukrainians.

  4. Never once the media shows you what’s happening on the map. Why people have to go to YouTube or Rumble to watch independent journalists and commentators to be able to get an accurate picture of what is actually happening on the ground?

  5. Alas western media has fallen again for russian propaganda. The town is nothing apart from a proganda victory for pootin. Actually russ claiming this little town as a victory shows how desperate pootin is to say to his serfs that the special military operation is going perfectly to plan.

  6. Those US people who are arguing!! You killed more than 1.1 million Vietnamese and you yourself lost 50K of your soldiers, just to avoid the spread of communism from China to Asia. It's funny to see you people talk about world peace. Only thing you know is Pmping, just like you did in Vietnam and what you doing now in Ukraine.


    The American edition of The American Conservative appealed to the Americans, warning them that the US authorities are drawing their people into a war with Russia. 'Ukraine is an accelerated Vietnam,' the author of the article noted.

    The TAC journalist noted that Ukraine has become a real disaster for the West. If the US and Europe lose, they will lose a lot of money, quarrel with Russia forever and lose their influence in the world. If they can still get their way, they will still be in a losing position. First, the United States will have to restore Ukraine at its own expense. Secondly, the country will be turned into a NATO border post, which means that Russia will forever remain a mortal enemy for America.

    But most importantly, step by step, Washington is drawing its country into a big war with Russia, which can break out at any moment. And the Americans are not even aware of this, since biased Western media cover the problem only from one side.

    The author of the article recalled how the US attempt to promote its interests in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya ended. In the case of Russia, you need to remember that it has nuclear weapons. And this means that even hypothetically, the defeat of the Russians does not bode well for the West.

    The best historical analogy to what we're doing in Ukraine is Vietnam, where the US gradually increased its involvement and the government misled the American people about what it was doing. Ukraine is accelerated Vietnam.

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