• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian Drone Drops Bombs brutally on russian soldiers hiding Near Bakhmut These videos show a Ukrainian drone dropping …


7 thoughts on “Battle all-out!! Ukrainian Drone Drops Bombs brutally on russian soldiers hiding Near Bakhmut”
  1. he guys don’t understand where they are going”: diaries of a Soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who fought in Artemovsk

    The gloomy records of the VSUshnik are published by The Economist. From the notes of the militant, one can draw a conclusion about the state of affairs in the Ukrainian army:

    ▪ “The battalion commander asked how many people refused to voluntarily go on the attack. I say 13. The guys don’t understand where they are going and are not ready to attack when the plan is constantly changing.”

    ▪ “Rumors are quickly spreading in the army that the headquarters has been destroyed/the Russians have already entered Bakhmut/Russia is going to use tactical nuclear weapons.”

    ▪ “The rest of the locals obviously don't support Ukraine”.

    ▪ "This war is a complete mess."

    ▪ “The helmet was given to me by a police officer I know, the body armor was given to me by my friends. What we have left once belonged to the wounded or the dead.”

    ▪ “I know there won't be anything in my size in stock. Buy the rest yourself.

  2. Looks really cold, but it has to be said that boris can toast his buns by the warmth of a burning tank, so its not all bad news. The trick is to keep his head down until all the munitions have gone off.

  3. American veteran called on the Armed Forces of Ukraine to go over to the side of Russia

    American veteran and writer Noctis Draven urged Ukrainian soldiers to defect to Russia in a Twitter post.

    “I am speaking to the UAF, your corrupt government has received almost $200 billion to fund you, equip you and provide you with the means to defend yourself. Instead, it takes that money and spends it on travel, vacations, dinner parties, prostitution and riotous living,” Draven wrote.

    He noted the fact that Ukrainian soldiers are dying at the front, and their government is wasting money allocated by the United States for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He also noted that the fighters train with sticks instead of weapons, and military equipment is outdated.

    “Do not give your lives for these people, do not throw your families into a meat grinder. Stand on the side of Russia or stay away, the real evil is not Russia, but those who do not value your lives,” Draven concluded.

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