• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

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37 thoughts on “Face-to-face battle with "Wagner" fighters who attacked Ukrainian soldiers in trenches”
  1. Доказательство всем того, что русских не остановит ничего, либо вы согласитесь с требованиями, либо вы согласитесь с требованиями…

  2. So just run into their guns in the open by yourself, either you are on drugs or have a death wish, their leader are a useless ones send their people to senseless death

  3. Not a military man but will be some day, but it's obvious to me that that one Russiab soldier didn't really know what he was doing. I hope Putins actually giving them training instead of just sending them off to fight. A trained solder would have used the brush and forest to assault the trench line. Him getting on the slope was a bad idea. He should have crawled over to the left of it as to have tactical superiority over the enemy. Him being higher up would have increased his chances of taking the trench.

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