• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Ukrainian soldiers are learning to use howitzers sent by the U.S. The training takes a week — time they may not have before …


32 thoughts on “U.S. trains Ukrainians on howitzer artillery”
  1. What a nut administration! Who is that ignorant to allow another nation to train on their soil? If this backfires you can thank those who you supported. This is could be a real threat to our national security.

  2. How would EU, NATO and USA react if China starts giving its sophisticated firearms to Russia to boost the war in Ukraine.
    PLEASE STOP All and STOP THE WAR before no return.
    PEACE and PEACE.
    A communist will never backdown and western cities have been warned!!!!

  3. This report is full of bull SSSSHHHH! the Ukrainians were never in danger of being encircled it never materialized and is more reporting exaggerations and half truths. Typical American bull like the Ruskis puppets go the rich that controls the narrative for the SHEEP. ARE YOU A SHEEP OR CAN YOU THINK FOR YOUR SELF AND SEE THE LIES???!!!???

  4. Why does Pres.Putin make fire and give as an example of his small amount of nuclear power threat to the land of Ukrain for the NATO and US will go to the negotiations table for Putin to assured his win and for his rules to be addopt as new ruler of the new world order…for they are warned by putin…or else the nato and usa will nuke the kremlin…"THE JOKER ZELENSKY CAN'T THAMED HIS KING PUTIN"…

  5. Let all the nations of the world come together and occupy Russia, just as Russia is occupying Ukraine by carrying out genocide. All countries attack Russia,,,,

  6. If ujraine just keeps being destroyed then putin says lets keep going but you have to launch 1000s of missiles inti russians tgeyre not people anyway

  7. The American provided long-range artillery firing at targets identified by artillery-location detecting-radar; fine tuned with drone observations. Should also be able to take out the Russian ammunition-depots. The construction of tanks and missiles in Russia has stopped due to lack of electrical parts. Give Ukraine the cruise missiles to destroy all of Russia's weapons manufacturers.

  8. "Times is not our friend." That' s true. As an Afghan commander once remarked that NATO has the watches but the Afghans have the time…

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