• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukraine Army take a beating in Maryinka; Russian artillery strikes horrify Zelensky | Details


Mar 20, 2023

Russian artillery strikes crushing Ukraine Army fortifications in the city of Maryinka. Putin’s men smashing buildings where Ukraine …


40 thoughts on “Ukraine Army take a beating in Maryinka; Russian artillery strikes horrify Zelensky | Details”
  1. All the footage shows an already destroyed city getting hit with explosives with nobody around. I wonder what did the city look like before this? It's just hard not to be skeptical of everything with so much propaganda floating around.

  2. The Biden and admin are voted to represent the people, not to issue blank Chequers to Ukraine without the majority tax payers consent. Is Biden above the law? Why neglecting domestic problems, there are many ie failing infrastructures, homelessness, border etc. etc. Corruptions in Biden and cronies needs to be investigated,

  3. Demilitarisation of Ukraine for Good n An Effective Agreement Thereto is the Only Answer for Russia to Maintain its Integrity n Sovereignty against USA N NATO !
    The World Must Accept This Truth .

  4. Zelensky did say that he will fight till the last man, that's not far away now, the trouble is there will be tens of thousands of women and children without their loved ones, all through an arrogant psycho.

  5. Ukrainians have been preparing for war for 8 years, building underground multi-ton reinforced concrete fortifications, America continues to stuff this country with weapons and money, so the United States has put the sale of weapons on the conveyor belt.
    Putin sought peace, did not want war, but Ukraine has already fallen into the bondage of the states.
    This is how America is trying to achieve hegemony over the entire planet by military means.
    I think that Russia will not allow American superiority over itself, the West has declared a world war on Russia, and history will assess America's actions.
    Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Ukraine and 50 other countries that America destroyed.

  6. Putin should use tactical nukes in the Ukraine. That would make NATO and the US think twice abt carrying on there. The US has to be shown that Russia means business. Russia must instill horror and fear, not sympathy.

  7. The only way to stop that criminal and his Granny in DC . I think the Kremlin doesn’t have any strategic thinkers. Every 2 months they’re changing their approach. Putin waited too long, wasted years begging the West. He should have attacked when this US coup happened in 2014. this war could have been avoided.


  9. i have bee i kharkiv which is russian speaking. they dont need Russian protecting and they dont want russians coming to rescue them. No one there says anything positive about russia. This is nonsense what russia us doing.

  10. Russia now has something bigger to worry about than Ukraine and for a very good reason. America's new B21 Raider Stealth Bomber which is light years ahead of every other country's technology and capability. Another words game over.

  11. You don't want to seek peace and remain neutral with your neighbor so don't beg for more money and more weapons when your neighbor fights you alone vs your 41 countries and all your Anti-Russian Alliance NATO US UK. You didn't want to honor the Minks agreement so get ready for a long proxy war ! You haven't seen nothing yet! Your leader is just a puppet to his masters secret agendas of making more money.The comedian will definitely bring more suffering to the people and more collapse of all infrastructures he does not care about the lives of normal Ukrainian it's time for Zelensky to go before Ukraine sadly turns to more dust and destructions!

  12. when america and europe i have killed enough people in ukraine with their weapons that have been supplied to the nazi regime in ukraine when these satanic western weapon companies have made enough money from their proxy war is when there is not a single ukraine soldier left alive or any idiot forigne mercenicari still alive from usa uk eu G7 then only then these human devils of usa uk eu G7 will stop there evil proxy war long live mother russia and god bless the russiisn soldiers fighting to save the free world from these child raping child murdering usa uk eu leaders they all one million percent sick of sickest wicked racist satanist remember the eu leader saying we made europe into a garden and the rest of the world is a jungle yes u filty piece of dog shite u made the rest of world into a jungle with your satanic polocies and laws that has destroyed the 3rd world WHY DONT THE EU USA UK AND G& MAKE THE WHOLE WORD A GARDEN

  13. ລະບົບປ້ອງກັນໄພທາງອາກາດເທບຖືກໂດຣນ ລັດເຊຍ ບິນຜ່ານໜ້າຕາເສີຍ WHAT HAPPENED TO CHICKEN PUPPET

  14. Talk about propaganda.
    Can you show the SAME explosions over and over any more?
    Russia can not win. Will not win.
    putin couldn't take Ukraine before the USA gave weapons. You think putin has a chance when Ukraine has our weapons and is getting a crap load more? And getting our newer stuff? ROFL.
    putin is such a little man. You guys should take him out yourself before more of your people are sent home in body bags.

  15. Ukraine commanders in this war are cowards ,,they are putting artillery prices between buildings and shooting at the Russians ,when they are smashed they use tractors to pull them in the streets ,and say Putin is targeting civilians,, Ukraine killing deserters,that will not come in the media ,,this war is NATO v russia ,not Ukraine v russia ,the war is only on Ukraine soil with Ukraine soldiers as pawns ,and cannon fodders ,to cote Putin ,,,why don't the USA go to war directly with russia ,with that mighty army they like to boast about ,what are they afraid of ,?russia is no pushover ,thisis not about going to war with russia ,it is all about keeping Europe economy down so they have to depend on the USA ,no country in this world view Europe as good partners ,USA know that ,they just prove it to the world ,sanctioned the oil and gas that is building Europe's economy ,now they are too ashamed to admit their mistake ,Europe is run under too much feminity,these leaders are weak ,and full of feminine pride ,,

  16. I want to Thank the people of YouTube whom have retained and Kept the power of not censoring the whole truth of what is happening in our world where combat is unfortunately determining our futures.The Merriest Of Christmas to you all,BE Safe and A Very Happy New Year,May The Highest Powers/your Highest Powers continue to love and protect you………they will

  17. All I see are videos of civilian buildings being destroyed. That is what Russia is doing. They are simply going to destroy the entire country just like they did to Chechnya and Syria. They are too incompetent to find and engage the Ukraine military so they are satisfied to simply destroy everything they can see.

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