• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Ukrainian drone drops bombs on Russian tanks destroying over 30 of them, according to Russian estimation. Video evidence …


36 thoughts on “Ukraine drone wipes out '31 Russian tanks' in Vuhledar ambush”
  1. They do this because they do t have air support at all for these mechanized units…running targets!
    Even the worst commander on this planet wont do such thing..its insane!

  2. The very real point in what no one is talking about here is the lack of experience in these Russians/Orcs, in what they are doing and don't know to do this very crucial thing, that is they don`t know how to do a 180 degree turn on the spot with the vehicles they use? They are stop start stop start in the BMP 1/2, don't know the difference in them to be honest here.

    Is anyone else seeing the same thing especially those who have been drivers in combat tracked vehicles? Russian military has no experience left in the field as new recruits/forced slavery of Russians themselves, are lacking the knowledge to use this armour.

    Basic idiotic mistakes time after time shows no leadership is present now, and this is why the slaughter continues until when Russians must be asking themselves in the inner circle of Kremlin. How long do we let Putin destroy our society and reputations? Which one of us is next for a accident must be a real cause for concern surly now a year later?

  3. Imagine what could be achieved if all that is wasted and lost in the war would have been user differently. "Hey, here are a couple hundred thousand people and billions of dollars, let's do something good with it". But instead it's just death and destruction.

  4. "SLAVA UKRAINE". One year on from Putrid's cowardly invasion, let the world NEVER FORGET the atrocities of his thugs. Killing & maiming in the streets & at checkpoints of innocent unarmed civilians. Killing of fleeing civilians. Imprisonment of civilians and absconding of Ukraine citizens to unknown areas of Russia.

    Torture of Captured soldiers. The breaking into, stealing and looting of homes & empty businesses in Ukraine. Cowards the LOT of them.

    The brutal blatant bombing of railway stations, peoples homes, flats, schools, Hospitals, Airports, infrastructure, Chernobyl & Zaporizhia…and the evil in Mariupol & Melitopol.

    Let the World NEVER FORGET, nor Forgive these Russian Cowards & the Dictator Putrid.

    "SLAVA UKRAINE" GLORY to Ukraine & the FREE WORLD. – 24.2.2023.

  5. these people will no longer see their parents and family because of some old dictator decided its a wonderful idea to invade a country's sovereignty, there are no winning to this war as parents of both sides will no longer see their sons and daughter ever again

  6. I only count 13 tanks on the highway part. Looks poorly edited. The Arma 3 videos of Russian tanks blowing up looks better thats been used in news stories lately (fooled ya). Drone operator is novice at best. Most rounds look like they hit the ground more than vehicles. Terrible propaganda wars in these times.

  7. Russian tanks travel in columns. along narrow roads…like sitting ducks…knock out the first tank in the column and they all come to a halt, then knock out the last tank and they aint going nowhere, then pick off the ducks in the middle…..tank warfare cannot stand up to modern technology, Russian tanks come to Ukraine and they are asking to get destroyed….glory to Ukraine.

  8. What amazes me is that less than a decade ago the Russians essentially used the same drone+arty combo to maul Ukrainian armored units even more savegly. I totally get why the Ukrainians learned from that experience, but the fact that the Russian appear to have forgotten it is mind-blowing.

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