• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

CNN gets close look at Soviet-era artillery system used by Russia and Ukraine

Intense fighting is reported around an important mining town in Ukraine’s east. CNN’s Ben Wedeman visited a Ukrainian artillery …


41 thoughts on “CNN gets close look at Soviet-era artillery system used by Russia and Ukraine”
  1. Pointless. Russia has already achieved it's goals. It has annexed the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine it wanted. The conflict is now a defensive one against the west and Ukraine's attempts to reclaim these areas. This has failed and they will never get these regions back. Ukraine had it's chance to negotiate, but they opted for the western backed option of aggression against Russia. They paid the price for their folly.

    US Foreign Wars policy… the US loses every war it is in is a shallow understanding of the US Military Industrial Complex and US Foreign Policy.

    The US does not enter into foreign conflicts "to win", that is just the propaganda that is fed to the US voters.

    The longer the war continues the more of an economic plus for the US economy as weapon sales increase across the globe, the more wealth the US Oligarchy acquires and the more control they have of international trade and monetary policy. So in reality,

    the US wins its wars, it just does it in a way that you and most others do not see, and that is by design.

    Russia took Soledar City and Fake News CNN not a single line about it;

    In Ukraine any church that prays and asks for piece, even any regular citizen praying for dialog and make piece instead of war is hunted down by Zelinsky Neo Nazi of Banderas Terrorist

  2. Thanks to the buffoon and pathetic coward (brave when it comes to destrying American) CNN got elected, this thing is dragging on forever. Trump would have gave Ukraine everything they needs and Putin the finger long ago. It wouldn't have happened anyways because Trump was respected and no one would dare mess with us because they would pay the price.

  3. Thanks USA to help Ukraine.we also hope that France and Germany can also unite to help Ukraine
    Let us see what is justice in the world
    Your support will grateful in our hearts.

  4. Vladimir Putin walks out on stage to the tune of Elvis Presley’s Steamroller Blues.
    Carrying a ventriloquist dummy of Ramzan Kadyrov the leader of Chechnya.

    This new act was totally unexpected but so very longed for. Putin sits down and starts communicating with his prop companion. “You my Dummy,” asks Putin?
    Ramzan Kadyrov replies “ Sa right!” Then Kadyrov starts spinning his head. Putin laughs and looks directly into the camera and says “Ever since Kadyrov watched your American movie The Exorcist. I can’t, can’t do a thing with his head. Putin grabs the dummy’s head to still it the dummy bites Putin’s hand. Putin screams “ “Oh you little Bastard” Pulls out his Luger and shoots Ramzan Kadyrov. And throws the dummy into the audience. This was the best of the best comedy act seen in a long, long time. Keep watching for more Valdemar Putin comedy.
    The News:

  5. If it uses Cordite it is indeed Soviet era artillery. If they mess it and used standard charges to fire it, it would explode because of the near instantaneous burning of current propellant. Whilst Cordite burns "very slowly" (in comparison) giving time for the gasses to push out the payload.

  6. We already see how Himars are helping Ukrainians to break Russia's plans to seize their lands. The more of them are transferred to Ukraine, the more problems the Russian army will have.

  7. Nobody can destroy Russia as effectively as the war criminal Putin. Russian nazis are destined to choke on their Russian fascism. Hate, genocide and destruction will haunt Russia many years after the defeat of Russian imperialism!

  8. I always pray to Lord Jesus Christ every day for peace negotiations..talking to each other looking for  peaceful solutions.. Lord Jesus Christ the true Lord..who died on the cross to atone for sins and rose again on the 3rd day.. only Lord Jesus Christ the way to  heaven /father house (eternal life )..Lord Jesus Christ is Lord in heaven and Lord on earth who died on the cross to atone for sins and rose again on the 3rd day..  only Lord Jesus Christ the way to  heaven/father house or eternal life (a very beautiful heaven with Jesus  ) and LORD  creator of heaven and earth,,,,,,,…….really hate nuclear weapons,,because nuclear weapons  is  big sins.. big sins is the eternal fire of hellfire..nuclear weapons  are  big sins.. big sins is the eternal fire of hellfire..nuclear power plant is big sin..ballistic missiles and hypersonic missilesis big sins..nuclear power plant is big sins…….nuclear weapons  is  big sins.. big sins is the eternal fire of hellfire….

  9. Ukraine is fighting on an equal footing against Russia with the weapons it was given. And Ukraine is grateful for that. But to defeat Russia, you need tanks, planes, and long-range missiles. Ukraine is fighting against evil, for the whole of Europe, as well as for world order and democracy. The soldiers of Ukraine are not endless, so we appeal to everyone, put pressure on your government, help Ukraine as much as you can. Ukraine is grateful for everything. But the war continues, the victory of Ukraine is the victory of the entire civilized world. This is a victory for everyone who reads this.

  10. It is necessary to help the Ukrainian army to move from the old Soviet model to a modern and combat-ready army. Military training is the key to victory. It is not enough just to provide weapons. It is also necessary to help the Ukrainian army to move from the old Soviet model to a modern and capable army.

  11. Hi, Love your content.

    I did have some information that you may find useful.

    I have seen other analysts (Pro Ukrainian), who do not understand how a "War of Attrition" works.

    The UK pulled the 93rd Mech Inf Brigade out of the Bakhmut area when it was at 30% strength.

    People think that means that 30% of all the battalions were still intact.

    No, A mech inf Brigade has a command element (Maybe 400), 3 Mech inf Battalions (about 800 men each), an engineer battalion (another about 800 men), and an artillery Battalion (another about 800 men). At a 30% manpower (original manpower around 4400 down to about 1300), what this means practically is that you have the HQ element, most of the artillery, maybe a few engineers and all the mech inf are dead.

    One of the analysts pointed out that UK has 15 Brigades in the Bakhmut area and calculated that they had about 60,000 troops in the area.

    I will point out that as national socialists, they have a notable hero from WWII.

    That gentleman, kept degraded units on the order of battle to convince himself that he still had an army.

    If a Brigade needs to be reduced to 0% combat strength before being pulled out of the line, what level of attrition are these units at?

    I think we are getting to near the bottom of the UK manpower pool (I heard they are pulling in 13 y/o's). If true, we don't have long before a full UK collapse. They simply don't have the manpower anymore, to maintain a continuous defensive line.

    Next, the U.S.A. sending Bradley's.

    The Bradley is obsolete (Plus sending 4 companies worth tells me that UK does not have enough men to man these vehicles).

    The Tow, uses a laser designator to lock on to the target.

    Russian tanks (T-80, T-90 and newer) all come with a laser dazzler.

    In Syria, John McCaine sent 1000's of Tows to the Rebels.

    They put a $1,000,000 bounty on anyone who could destroy a T-80 with a Tow.

    There is alot of video online of Tows flying at a tank and then flying up into the sky.

    The dazzlers were very effective in blinding the Tows.

    I am only aware of one hit. Tank was up against a wall, only the back 3rd of the turret was visible.

    The Tow hit the tank, the reactive armor went off, the tank drove away.

    Everything you are talking about from the U.S. sounds like U.S. projection.

    1) Russia is running out of men (why, because UK is running out of men).

    2) UK is doing great! (why, because after pissing away over 100 billion things are not looking good).

    3) UK will retake Crimea! (why, because they whole front is about to collapse, and we want to jawbone an imaginary army). Plus, that would help take pressure off of Bakhmut. Based on how many men the UK sent to their death in and around Bakhmut, once that falls, it's game over. They pulled another Mech Inf Brigade from a potential attack towards Crimea and sent it into the meatgrinder that is Bakhmut.

    Mech Inf, is offensive. Spending it on defense means you are desperate.

    If you want a brutal take on this, Putin is doing exactly what he said he would. He is deNational Socializing the country.

    A war of attrition against the mostly western UK, male population will do some of the trick.

    Next, you slowly drive west pushing all the diehard NS people into Poland.

    Then, you close the border behind them. No Backsies!

    Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in Europe.

    I don't think they will want to come back.

    How many wins does he get for that.

    The population that is pro NS lives in the lap of luxury (for them) in the Nato countries.

    I can't wait for the assimilation process to start. Remember, they hate all of those people.

    This will be great to watch.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  12. We see how hard it is for Ukrainians to defend their soil without modern weaponry: it's obvious that russians have more manpower and artillery. Therefore we should expand our military aid and provide modern weaponry for Ukrainian army, as well as teaching them to use it.

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