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The successes of the Ukrainian artillerymen have become a key part of the victories won by the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the …


49 thoughts on “Finally: The French Long-Range Howitzer Caesar Showed His Muscles In Ukraine | Russian Panic”
  1. It would be interesting to learn how this system stack up against similar modern SPGs like the Swedish Archer, the Czech DANA, the Slovak Zuzana or the Russian 2S7 Pion.

  2. The new caesar cannon will feature even more advanced technology with new smart ammunition.

    It takes 2'10 for the first shell to leave after the stoppage and 1'50 to clear, fantastic.

    French technology no longer needs to be demonstrated in military matters.

  3. The best feature on the Caesar is the giant insectoid arm that goes sideways and loads the shell, and the top pincer that looks like small mandibles.

  4. France gives weapon to Ukraine to fight Russia when at the same time Russians sanctions lead French people to not being able anymore to warm their home. Our government are traitors.

  5. If only the french themselves would show some muscle, they are one of the worst donators from a major nato power. Id be ashamed to be french right now, no doubt they will want to be first in the queue to rebuild ukraine once the fighting is over.

  6. You're bad informed, all the CEASAR in Ukraine are inoperant, some were selled to russians for few hundreds thousands of dollars by rogue ukrainians, other have been destroyed since at least 3 month. Just a waste of money for France.

  7. Yep, they’ll be shelling more civilians and kids in the Donbas now with their super accurate death machines.
    Gotta keep the war going to keep the money flowing!

  8. I would have appreciated more info on the crew construct. If it requires 5 men to operate, but the cab holds 3, then having a second truck with ammo paired to each one makes sense, and likely makes it more efficient than the 8×8 with a cab that only holds 4.

  9. Peu importe qu'ils soient fabriqués en France en Allemagne aux Etats Unis où en Allemagne, l'important c'est qu'il aident le pays agressé et le dirige vers la victoire.
    Vive l'Ukraine.

  10. i mean, wtf dude!!!
    Is this freakin and madness war some kind of a f@ckin parade or beauty pageant, for new weapons and methods in the vast plains of Ukraine like a playfield for battle ?
    People are dying, maimed by robot drones, others starving , cold, and citizens drinking water from the sinks,
    while the rest of europe suffers from energy and economic crisis!
    Is it really THIS staged, the whole event?

  11. To be honest, the CAESAR impress me, not by its revolutionary concept (its a gun on a truck), but by its cost effectiveness. They didn't try to be inspiring or something like that, like with the Archer or the ATMOS, they needed mobility, so they brought mobility to towed artillery, with a simple, reliable and COST EFFECTIVE solution.

  12. Confusing video showing very different model years of the Caesar. The currently produced, highly modernized and automatized 8×8 (on its way Ukraine as of November 2022) has nothing to do with the historical 6×6 (sent to Ukraine in March April). Good info thought-out just too bad for inconsistencies

  13. Salut les gars ! C’était sympa de vous voir en France, j’ai beaucoup aimé vos boucles de ceinture et vos tatouages ! La dernière fois que j’en ai vu de la sorte c’était entre 1939 et 1945 😉

  14. Shame on France to support this imperialist US war !

    NATO has nothing to do in Ukraine. US congress published files that proove the 2014 putsh was made by ukronazis with US support.

  15. It’s the best system arround for now, France will never get the bigger chassis no matter how shinny they make it , France an expeditionary army of can’t be fitted in an air plane it’s not worth having

  16. The Caesar is a beast, the best artillery system ever according to me, an incredible range of fire, combat proven, surgical precision, fantastic rapidity of fire coupled with exceptional mobility…a lethal beast of war which, icing on the cake, is not very expensive compared to other weapon systems. the Paladin and the M777 are museum pieces in comparison.

  17. Tout ce qu'il en est, c'est que ce canon touche toutes les cibles avec un minium d'obus.

    All it is is that this gun hits all targets with a minimum of shells.

  18. I heard that the Ukrainians mounted one of these artillery pieces to a barge and floated it out to sea, and that how they were able to blast the Russian garrison on Snake Island straight to hell.

    Very clever.

  19. The Caesar 6×6 can be transported in the C130, but the 8×8 is heawyer and need a A400M . The older towed TRF1 had a 39 caliber 155mm gun (same as the US M777), but is able to move autonomous at 8km/h to change firing position to avoid counterbattery fire.The AUf1 (build on a AMX30 tracked chassis) did use the same 39 caliver 155mm gun, but the AUF2 planed with a 52 caliber gun, was only a prototype, this upgrade was abandonned to swich to the more versatile (and less expansive…) and air transportable Caesar…

  20. Any howitzer that is mobile and requires less soldiers to operate it and can fire at a longer distance with deadly accuracy is definitely a winner. These days spreed and mobility plus a longer reach is the weapon of choice.

  21. This is just rubbish.
    We know the Caesarsare good, but they have been in Ukraine for quite a while now.
    Tell us what they have done.
    How many there are
    And if France will send more
    And is France making any more
    France and Germany have not helped Ukraine very much at all.

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