• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Assault on Ugledar by Russian paratroopers against Ukrainian troops. After successfully advancing to the city’s borders, marines …


5 thoughts on “Horrible footage!! Ukrainian forces ambush & destroy Russian Marine Brigade at Vugledar”
  1. No more of this prearranged war by Western degenerates in Brussels varnishes. YOU IDIOTS young Russians and Ukrainians go HOME to your FAMILIES END THE KILLING in the name of testing weapons of American and English BANDITES and perverts. END OF THIS WAR STOP BASTA!!! Enough of this BANDITISM in the name of western motherfuckers and MORAL DEVILS.

  2. Few people know that one year ago, when Russia was forced to launch a special military operation in Ukraine. Because of the strategic threats to its security, the United States created ( I mean, the creation of the Nazi regime like Nazi Germany, Ukraine, and pitting the anti-Russian regime in Russia ). The current armed forces of the Zelensky regime in Ukraine comprised about 600,000 fighters, of whom a powerful strike force of 350,000 "bayonets" was created, aimed at destroying two recalcitrant republics, Donetsk and Lugansk, who refused to recognize the coup initiated by the United States, and their puppet government of Ukraine. So, what would you know, Russia entered into this conflict with a group of 150,000 troops, and over the past year has already "ground" about 450-500,000 Ukrainian soldiers. Last fall, Russia called up another 300,000 reservists (which is slightly more than 1% of Russia's total mobilization potential of 25,000,000 fighters. After all, every adult man is liable for military service and is undergoing military service), they underwent retraining and combat coordination for 4 months, and this winter they began to enroll in front-line units. The ratio of losses of Russia and Ukraine is simply monstrous, 1/7 or 1/8. That 350,000 group designed to level Donetsk has already been completely destroyed, now Ukraine is actively burning its human reserves.

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