• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

During a security council meeting at the United Nations, Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, asked for a minute of silence to …


35 thoughts on “Russia interrupts minute's silence for victims of Ukraine war at UN security council meeting”
  1. Which were the countries members of the UN court's, what's the voting rato? All voted for??? Such random claims may prompt some to
    leave being members of the court !!

  2. The UN would lose its credibility if it pushes ahead with Putin's war crimes and issued a warrant of arrest just by being let by the Ukrainian President when the UN team visited the "crime" venue, including listening to verbal claims and "doctored" video etc. The UN Council could be conned by countries who were anti-Putin especially the US with a one-sided report and decision to issue the warrant of arrest. Any, mishandling of such issues may be the pathway to the 3rd World war in which Russia-friendly nations would come particularly North Korea which was just waiting to let the US have a taste of their improved version of their Ballistic weapons, Also Saudi Arabia. Iran and China will be forced to take sides.

  3. Oh please. Everyone with half a brain knows EXACTLY what the Russian was doing in the part that was cut out. It's called "deflecting the blame" and "manipulating the moment" and was utterly nauseating to watch. Glad the Guardian cut it.

  4. I don't understand why Ukraine's allies don't create a military group like Wagner and send it to Ukraine if it's possible for Russia to fight with mercenaries why doesn't Ukraine have groups of mercenaries paid by the allies?

  5. Not russia interrupts minute of silence…
    NO, Russia demanded a minute of silence for all those who have perished in Ukraine since 2014 – 2023 due to Ukrainian aggression and genocide that prept up this war.
    A minute of silence was for all.
    One-sided bs and the guardian fuels the bs narrative.

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