• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

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45 thoughts on “Ukraine combat footage KIA military dead people videos compilation viewer discretion is advised”
  1. That scene in the end with the body behind the truck. Very funny situation there.

    There is a rope tied around his belt I wonder if the body was pulled?

    Or some way suspended and cut up?

    I don't know. It just looks very strange on the other side of the truck. You can see these rope tied to something.

  2. told you Russia was going to run through they shit Ukraine lost a long time ago, I know one thing he better point his eyes somewhere else then the USA our Bombs dont Malfunction

  3. F uck the politicians brothers….we are running their war…all these men…small brothers fathers uncles….so pitty….this world will end like this…..rip brothers….rip…..

  4. dying for putin and his bunch of oligarch thieves…. not one single kid of putins circle or tv propaganda will see fighting…. drinking champaigne on their super yachts is too comfy

  5. Crazy how most of these videos get banned or taken off platforms. All because the big guys and old politicians don’t want the world to see how brutal it is to fight their fight for them while they’re in their cozy homes.

  6. This is so..heartbreaking
    Those soilders some would have been a grandpa, some a good loving husband. Or some a good devotees, or retired officer sharing their brave stories to children..
    But war made them change their destiny. N thus leads them to say goodbye to this dreams.
    "If there we're no men there be no war".

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