• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Back in September Ukraine received a batch of vintage M101 105mm howitzers from Lithuania. These guns have recently been …


29 thoughts on “Ukraine's Newest Howitzer Is an Antique”
  1. OH my goodness… I was in a 101 battery in the Marines in 1973-75. Our guns were manufactured in 1954… These are nothing to sneeze at… They will shoot five to seven miles now 10 or more…and can scoot… Back then we would drop em, fire, pick em up and move fast… That is even more important now days… Still shooting after 80 years? Amazing weapon.

  2. I trained on these guns fifty years ago. I'm sure we were a lot quicker than three minutes in and out of action. Get in position. Get the job done quickly, then get out of now.

  3. I noticed the recoil on the gun in the Viet Nam era footage vs the Ukranian/Lithuanian footage, the former seems to have much less recoil. The gun does not recoil as far in the earlier one vs the current one. I assume that is because of "hotter" modern ammo?

  4. The M101 is a proven weapon, and for close infantry support a 105mm is an ideal weapon (I grew up with the L119) – the 155mm has a MUCH bigger kill radius (often too big). And a good crew can really cycle rounds very quickly through them.

  5. Big advantage to be able to fire current, up to date advanced 105 ammo from current existing nato supplies………………………… # 1 rule is dont run out of ammo….

  6. I served on these just prior to their replacement coming into USMC inventory. This is not a good display of their potential.

    Their strength was the weight of fire they could throw because of their rate of fire. Usually it was three (gunner, a-gunner, and loader) on the weapon and at least two more as part of an ammunition chain. A very good crew could easily throw four shots out in ten seconds.

    So…either Ukraine is really short on gunners, they're scared these old tubes will blow up, or they're stuck in old Soviet doctrine…more guns, less crew.

  7. 105mm and 155mm might sound like a large difference but regardless of if your a dude in a trench with a helmet and body armor or sitting in an AFV no one wants to get hit by indirect regardless of size

  8. US and nato claims to have send tens of billions of military aid since the start of the war,but how much of it in actual equipment value actually reaches the ukranians? majority of the funds probably disappeared into some black hole somewhere while nato countries dump their cold war antiques on ukraine pretending to "support" the war effort…….what a joke.

    if this was one of the precious G7 countries fighting russia,i can guarantee u, US and allies wont be sending their 50 year old garbage. everything would be top of the line, most advanced and top dollar equipment…….only the best of the best…….
    norway would probably be sending their archer artillery systems…….

    remember when israeli were almost defeated by the arabs in yom kippur war? america immediately sent hundreds of her latest battle tanks and fighter jets to israel….and missiles and apcs and whatnot….they sure as hell did not send wwii biplanes or captured german wwii equipment.

  9. .자료 찾아 보시갈바래요.. 한국 105는 차량에 실고 탄도 계산기로 바로 계산후 바로 명중….. 일분이면 바로 발사후 바로 쏘고 후퇴….. ㅈ

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