• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

This footage released by the 15th Artillery Reconnaissance Brigade of Ukraine reportedly shows Ukrainian troops firing artillery at …


19 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery brigade strike Russian tanks and positions”
  1. Privés de système de communication, les ukrainiens en sont réduits à se manifester à l'aide de signaux de fumée, comme les amérindiens.
    Seraient ils sur le déclin?

  2. When the effects of war is covered and hidden from people the true horror of it is also hidden. When someone decides for you that this cant be seen then you gain no understanding of what war entails.

  3. How can the Ukrainian artillery be so damn accurate ? Incredible stuff. If I was part of a Russian tank crew, I'd be very worried about never seeing my family again and no way would I give my life away for madman Putin !

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