• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian artillery is firmly pushing back the Russian offensive attempts on Bakhmut


Mar 21, 2023 , ,

Russian troops have exhausted their military potential near Bakhmut in the Donetsk region. The analysts at the Institute for the …


25 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery is firmly pushing back the Russian offensive attempts on Bakhmut”
  1. There is a saying where i come from, the American South East, which, after watching a bunch of non war related documentaries about Ukraine i can see it, you guys drive on crappy dirt roads with vehicles that are just a little too old for it just like we do here, you live in much the same way we do but we don't have the snow.. and there is this saying that we use here.. "A country boy can survive".. and Russia don't know how to fight on a dirt track or in those slushy hills up there.. and in a few months when the ground starts to thaw there are going to be so many Russian tanks just stranded that they won't know what to do, and i'm appalled that Putin would feel the need to nuke FARMERS.. i thought he was a better man than to be attacking kids with white phosphorus and trying to bomb farmers into submission, but i could have saved him some time here, Ukrainians are built different, you won't beat them with the stick, you might wanna try the carrot, and this isn't Yakutsk the roads are much worse in Ukraine.. First time i saw someone's grandfather driving a 50 year old Moskavitch down a dirt road with holes deeper than the car was high.. i said to myself.. "these people are just built different.."
    Keep up the good fight.

  2. I hope we (US) although we have given Ukraine a lot, will get a lot more and soon. This nightmare of a genocidal war with Putin trying to wipe all the Ukrainian people off the map must end soon and the rebuilding start to happen. Slava Ukraini!

  3. "America, Germany, Why don't they give us weapons powerful weapons to hit Moscow?" In my opinion that would be because an army is power and giving it away is giving away power. Politicians don't like giving away power, not even for a good cause. Biden claims it's about the EU and NATO and such things, but I think it purely political and mostly American, they didn't try to push it but hid themselves behind political disagreements.

  4. Yes, what is the West doing, America, Germany why do they not give Ukraine powerful weapons to defeat the invaders ?
    … I would like to see the details made public. I suspect political sickliness, but I can not even imagine any real justification at all.

  5. You have to understand that intelligence data on mobile phones in the hands of thousands of RuZZian troops is being collated and provided to Ukrainian forces to ensure smart strikes are being made to wipe out whole swathes of RuZZian officers and senior advisers. RuZZia is going to lose this war and lose BIG. Putin will be lucky to have any army left capable of ever threatening its neighbors and the more he mobilizes the more targets he is providing them. Goodbye Putin your time is growing short.

  6. So glad that the artillery fire from Russia has decreased in Bakhmut. Hopefully, Russia will soon realize that it can’t win and call it quits. The sooner the better for everyone.

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