• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian drone drops bomb on Russian machine gunner firing from trenches. This footage has not yet been verified …


44 thoughts on “Ukrainian drone drops bomb on Russian machine gunner firing from trenches”
  1. The gunner moved away along the trench to his left,the bomb hit behind the built up earth after he had moved away. That's one lucky gunner!!

  2. Waardeloos filmpje hoop knip en plak werk lijkt het wel.
    Blijf gewoon vanuit dezelfde positie filmen ik zoek mij de pleures naar die gast steeds
    Waardeloos dit.

  3. Amazing how these small drones you can buy in a shop are making a huge difference on the battlefield in a modern war.
    From collecting information about enemy movements to directing artillery fire accurately and also weaponizing them to drop small munitions on enemy positions and vehicles. Those small commercial drones are making a difference and having an impact.

  4. Another story told to you by Ukraine government propaganda wing! We can pay for there war but independent journalists arnt allowed to report from Ukraine. Biden and Ukraine have something in common, it would be cheaper for us all if they disappeared

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