• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

As per a US defence official, a small number of Ukrainian forces have begun US training on the howitzer artillery system. Reuters …


36 thoughts on “US Starts Howitzer Training Of Ukrainian Forces As Kyiv Aims To Stall Putin's Forces With Artillery”
  1. Please, use a text to voice reader to narrate. All the reading is a distraction from otherwise good presentation. Short, succinct & focused is good.

  2. Make the Donbas a live fire range, anything that moves in it will be a target until it is back in Ukrainian hands.
    No Matter how long it takes, russia must be denied the use of this territory and must return Crimea to Ukraine.

  3. When Putin was building forces on Ukraines border no one took him seriously. Now that his military has wiped out 30% of Ukraine now we want to start training the Ukraine military, something that should have happened before first shot was fired.

  4. Missier tas-Smewwiet tas-Smewwiet Ogħla jekk jogħġbok aħfirli dnubieti kollha. Oħloq fija qalb ġdida, ħolqien ġdid, twelid ġdid. Jekk jogħġbok għammar f’qalbi, ikteb il-liġijiet u r-rieda tiegħek f’qalbi. Għinni nimxi fit-toroq tiegħek ta’ qdusija u tjieba. (Mur u għaddas ruħek f’għadira ilma u bl-umiltà ddikjarahom lill-Mulej Alla Ġesù u l-Mulej Ġesù jibgħatlek rigal, l-Ispirtu s-Santu) L-Ispirtu s-Santu jgħallem, jiggwidak mit-toroq tal-Mulej Ġesù. Imbierek il-Mulej Alla Ġesù.

  5. Hardly make a difference !
    Consider how many artillery pieces Ukraine had and how many have they lost . If you consider those numbers you will get to understand why this miniscule number of Guns from US will make no difference .

  6. Australia has heaps of the L119 105mm light arillery gun at 1.5 tonne it is very mobile and can be pulled around easy. This was still modern and heavily upgraded by the UK , they are all in storage and taken out of service in 2020 why dont they just give all 36 to Ukraine, they cant sell them. these were very usefull as that gun is still very popular in NATO and around the world

  7. This howitzers do not have the range of the german and french howitzers, but they are dam accurate, specially when engaging on counter artillery missions.

  8. Who is really expanding the war? All NATO is suppling fuel to make this situation worse. IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. YET WE TELL CHINA NOT TO HELP RUSSIA, we’ll maybe Russia has its own version of NATO!

  9. I'm still skeptical about the Howitzers due to it not being as mobile as a Paladin to fire and manoeuvre, it could be taken out by an air attack as it's not a quick disassembly so these guys need air cover and anti air defenses to protect them from getting wasted by the Russian Air force.

  10. The U.S. Howitzer with GPS guided Excalibur shells are longer range and much more accurate than any Russian artillery . Everything that has been sent to Ukraine should give them the upper hand in this terrible war.God bless the amazing people of Ukraine stay safe prayers from the USA. Slave Ukraine !!!

  11. Those things will be destroyed By the Russian Air Force before they even make it to the battlefield Ukrainian forces are completely surrounded they will be destroyed within a week or two Russia will take the east Russian speaking land and the south….. that will be the end of it if the United States keeps giving weapons to Ukraine Then western Ukraine will just be one big target range

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