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‘No One Asks This To Zelensky’: Russia’s Sergey Lavrov On Ending Ukraine War | Raisina Dialogue 2023 Russian Foreign …


39 thoughts on “'No One Asks This To Zelensky': Russia's Sergey Lavrov On Ending Ukraine War | Raisina Dialogue 2023”
  1. As a normal German I understand Ru position in this. I feel like Russia must free the entire land of Germany this time. Otherwise we will vanish in a few decades or end up in a massacre from the migrants. All media and puplic outcrys are pushing hate against the natives.

  2. So many russian robots in this comment section. Mr. Lavrov failed to explain how demolishing , quite literally, an entire country by invading it, by alienating it's citizens by committing atrocities and war crimes is suppose to make any of the "we had a deal in 1999 with NATO…." alright.

    Literall all the freedom nations of the world united to fight this evil.

    That alone should tell something to dictatorships such as North Korea, Russia and China that they are not allowed to bully military people around without serious consequences.

  3. Lavrov is desperately trying to talk right the unspeakable… The murders, rapes, child deportations, targeting of civilians, nuclear threats and blatant crimes against humanity in Ukraine… It’s disgusting and he and the other sockpuppets of Putins regime know it and they are constantly lying, diverting and twisting the truth, using whataboutisms ALL to try and hide the monstrous behaviour of the Russians in Ukraine AND of the Russian regime against the Russian people themselves!! It’s pathetic!!

  4. Let me remind you Lavrov.
    Afganistan war started by Al Qaeda and those who was in charge in Afganistan the Taliban was coming from Pakistan and took power by force just the way Russia are trying to do in Ukraine.
    In Iraq we got Saddam Hussein that have started 2 wars and gasbombed its population or Its neighbors 20 times.
    In the invasion the goal was to stopp the massmurder Saddam just like the Ukraine war and to destroy the weapon of massdestruction which they did.
    5000 chemical warheads was found and destroyed betwen 2004 and 2011.
    In Serbia a genocide occured against the muslim Peole and 15 thousand muslim People was killed and Russia was supporting that, what a Shame.
    And we can continue with Syria where Assad with help of Putin have murded 900 thousand people so far.
    Everything are thus about increasing Its own power for Russia and Its dictator friends and if someone complain you just have to pay with your life.

  5. It was exactly that Gorbatchew said that their was no agreement to expand Nato, so that was the first lie from mr Lavrov.
    Then when Lavrov say a state can not increase Its security by the cost of any other state, well thats exactly what Russia have done increase Its own security if you mean by increasing Its miltary.
    Then you can also add.
    There are no zero sum game.
    If I got higher security it dosent mean that the neighbor got less security. That is an ond Soviet way of thinking pretty much the same as with economy.
    If I got more money then you must have less thats not the case if the cake are growing.
    When it comes to Minsk agrement Russia didnt fullfill Its commit ment at 11 points and the most important was to redraw Its troops from Ukraine.
    About using laungage in Ukraine it was about talking Ukrainian in the state.
    Wich is normal, Russia use the same laws when it comes to Russia and not only that there are more than 50 language in Russia that people cant use at the state or in the community as a custom.

  6. This host is an annoying little TWAT! I hope next time he will be not attending! It was painful to listen to him pointing to the same direction over and over again (probably paid by Americans)

  7. Russian invaded Ukraine. Lavrov is a war criminal. The Russians are brutal and cruel. Russia must be stopped. They are killing people and kidnapping children. Send as many weapons to Ukraine asap!!

  8. Lavrov is an astute liar. He refers to the increase in weapons provided to Ukraine after the Minsk agreements, but ignores the act of illegal annexation of Crimea and fomenting of separatist movements in Donbas. If an invader storms your house, would it not be within your rights to expect your neighbour to come to your aid? Lavrov is just the most silken spoken of the russian propagandists but we've heard all of this rhetoric before. When you tug on a thread of the argument, it is exposed for lies.

  9. The Russian language has never been "banned" in the Ukraine that is a lie. Why did the host allow these untruths. All the Ukraine did was recognize that the official language of the Ukraine is Ukrainian. The law, which obliges all citizens to know the Ukrainian language and makes it a mandatory requirement for civil servants, soldiers, doctors, and teachers. All countries have a official language.

  10. buen día, this moderator is a big disappointment. Mr. Lavrov had to speak in words of one syllable like to a baby to make him understand and to make his points which were based on historical fact.
    The moderator's ignorance is monumental. Washington has always behaved as mafia cappo
    and may well provoke a thermo nuclear holocaust if Washington is forced to live in a multipolar world

  11. NATO is form by America not to protect European countries but to use them to protect America interests all around the world.When America makes up their mind to invade a sovereign country they command the NATO's countries to join them so that NO countries dared to speak up against America.No politicians is allowed to speak out because if they are not with America they are with the enemies and America have plenty of enemies.If NATO is disbanded I can guarantee many countries who is NATO members will come out and speak out what America done to so many countries.

  12. If the Irish cancelled English in Ireland, the British would not invade them! If the Finns cancelled Swedish in Finland, the Swedes would not invade either! And the truth of the matter is that Ukraine did NOT cancel Russian in Ukraine. The situation is much more nuanced than that. In any case, it is not for Russia to stand up for the rights of ethnically Russian Ukrainian citizens in Ukraine. If you live in a country as a citizen, your first allegiance has to be to that country. Otherwise any neighbouring country can infiltrate and destabilise your adopted country from within, which has pretty much been Russia's tactic in all its neighbours and near-neighbours – Georgia, Poland, Moldova etc. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is nothing more than a land-grab masquerading (badly) as a war of liberation.

  13. The hipocricy of lavrov is fascinating really. Not sure if they convinced them selves or just got used to spewing propaganda over decades. Each 5 minutes i was like "nop, it's not like that". And i'm not even professional.

  14. Lavrov talks about real world with proven facts, with authenticity and a totally healthy mindset.
    This is an incredible improvement to humanity used to US and Western lies, crimes, gangsterism, theft, blackmailing, genocides and above all brainless and mentally sick arguments.
    Like Scott Ritter, a US marine mentioned in 2003 already, the most dangerous terrorist and fundamentalist in the world is the US president (war criminal idiot W Bush) that has a nuclear button available to him.
    Will western population wake up before this nuclear messianic Jewish end of times ? I think not because humanity’s enemies are trapped in their sick a genocidal believes for centuries now.
    So profit from every single moment before they make us disappear.
    Believe me THEY will survive because they have planned bunkers and grain silos to rebuild THEIR new sick “heaven on earth”.
    And THEY will sacrifice part of their own population to achieve this sick millennial project.

  15. Sorry, I was born in West Germany in 1961 and studied economics, economic policy and marketing. For almost 30 years I have advised internationally active companies throughout Europe.

    Anyone who knows the background to the war in Ukraine knows that forces from England and the USA have been trying to beat Russia short and small for a hundred years. 2014 Maidan/Ukraine was a typical CIA coup, just like Mossadeque, Allende and many, many other regime changes in the world.

    In India, look at your own history and how the Anglo-Saxons occupied and oppressed India with much treachery. With many murdered Indians. Gandhi was still able to mobilize the world press. It is now in the hands of a few super-rich who support the miserable game of the USA. Find out more about it. Look behind the curtain. Wake up. Get up, otherwise they will knock you down again.

  16. Chris Tucker to Jackie Chan asked him if he understood the words coming out his mouth. This Sunjoy person is a kill joy to logic with respect to the legitimate grievance expressed by Sergei Lavrov.

  17. Żydzi kraje UE dostali podane na tacy. Ukrainę trzymali z daleka od UE, bo Białoruś była za silna do przejecia jej podstępem, a ich celem jest Rosja. Ukraina potrzebna była im do rozpetania na niej konfliktu. Żydzi z tego Układu w warunkach wojennych i ciągłym konflikcie czują się jak ryby w wodzie. Wtedy mogą kłamać i manipulować prawdą do woli oraz kraść i oszukiwać bez żadnej kontroli.

    The Jews of the EU countries got served on a platter. They kept Ukraine away from the EU because Belarus was too strong to take it over by trickery, and their target is Russia. They needed Ukraine to unleash a conflict on it. The Jews of this Pact, in the conditions of war and constant conflict, feel like fish in water. Then they can lie and manipulate the truth at will and steal and cheat without any control.

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