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U.S. Military Sends Howitzer Artillery To Ukraine


Mar 22, 2023

Howitzers are being transported as part of U.S. military aid to Ukraine. In an escalation of U.S. funding for Ukraine’s defense …


27 thoughts on “U.S. Military Sends Howitzer Artillery To Ukraine”
  1. So the Biden Administration sends them Billions of dollars so they can purchase American Artillery weapons to make the American company richer vs just giving it to them. Tax dollars being sent to a war torn country so they can purchase American aid and send the funds to sit in a private bank account. Yeap, that makes sense!! Smh

  2. GERMAN ROYAL FAMILY: Americans are Royal Eagles on Universal Lands. U.S. Navy and their British Unicorn are ousted by Royal Eagles of America Germany Russia. ― 1888 Crowned Royal King of Barbarossa and America Frederick I

  3. We're also literally reading Putin's emails and our satellites can see where all their forces are down to the meter. With these new ultra powerful Howitzers, Russia is simply doomed to fail. Their new attack from Donbas and the south will be crushed just like the failed Kyiv attacks.

    If Russia retaliates with tactical nukes, not only will those have zero real effect, but it will give us the excuse to send in F-35s, which were literally made for this situation. And once the 35s are in it, Russia's ability to fight at all is over in 4-5 days.

    Then, consider how slow Russian progress has been in the new attacks from the east and south, and that we still have several more powerful weapon systems to deploy. We are going to win, if Biden has the sense to push this to the end.

  4. How is this still a war vs ukrain and russia and not usa and russia??? I mean usa is clearly sending everything to ukrain and ukrain are merely using it lol

  5. It's crystal clear now, the dream of Pres. Putin in invading Ukraine and occupying Donbass region & Crimea…to have a link(land bridge) to Moldova via Transnistria(staged unrest is now happening). All his alibi…like, oppression of Russian-speaking nationals, deNAZI fication of Ukraine, countries joining NATO, are all pretext & superficial. His imperialistic ambition of restoring USSR & monopolizing the Black Sea is his primary goal. And he wants no hindrance along the way. He curtailed press freedom, limit social media(to contain information), outlaw free speech, criminalize real stories about the war, oligarchs mysteriously disappeared, jailing (or eliminating of officials, etc. This is a blatant display of power. We never imagine this would happen in modern times. Have we thought how desperate Putin is now? He's barely trying to survive. Really, "old habit is hard to die."

  6. The only way to truly prove the US is in solidarity with Ukraine is for BIDEN  to go there. No MALARKEY!! UK PM Boris Johnson, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer, Poland PM Mateusz Morawiecki, Slovenia President Ivan Janša, Czech Republic PM Petr Fiala, US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have shown their support for Zelensky and Ukraine by bravely setting foot on Ukrainian soil in KIEV. Zelensky urges more leaders to come to KIEV (NY Times, 15 March, 2022). When will US President Joe Biden Jr. take this small step for man and giant leap for mankind? Has he the courage, the will? The UN Secretary General went to see Zelensky but not before getting his marching orders from PUTIN.

  7. They are bigger than I thought, but not big enough. They need something that can reach Russian cities. Russians need to feel the sam horror as the citizens of Ukarine.

  8. Putin has single handedly pushed Finland and Sweden to NATO. Putin did not think what the European or global response would be when he decided to launch a war in Ukraine. Putin got use to threatening or killing opponents to silence them. This is not working in Ukraine. Putin messed with the wrong country. Ukrainians have a deep sense of identity and solidarity within their country. It is an inspirating and refreshing that a nation and people can be so one and tirelessly giving help to each other. This war has not only strengthened Ukrainian identity and bond to each other but they have inspired the world as true heroes that even Hollywood could not have scripted and dreamed up. Ukrainians deserves our highest respect for not just heroically defending their homeland but to inspire an entire world. Many Thanks to give meaning once again to what it means to be truly free.

  9. In good time, but the other countries should also send offensive weapons to Ukraine. It is not fair for Russia to launch missiles from Russia into Ukraine. Ukrainians should also be able to destroy Russia's military bases and not just be waiting for attacks. Ukraine must go on the offensive.

  10. Zelensky is a stupid , no brain president , killing his Ukraine people , Bieden is provoking , finally no peace , so stop war , call for peace , Bieden , don't provoke

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  12. This weapon must check ten times haha all weapon NLAW javeline are expire the peoples armys use that weapons are dead bcoz of back fire that US send weapons are all USELESS!!!

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