• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Ukraine have lost 22 M777 Howitzer system. 6 of which was destroyed by the lancet drone. So how much have this hurt Ukraine …


31 thoughts on “Ukraine Lose Multiple M777 Howitzer To Lancet Kamikaze Drone”
  1. Пока паны дерутся, у холопов лбы трещат! Но халопы, до тех пор халопы (рабы) , пока не поймут, что настоящие враги у каждого со своей стороны! И это свои "родные" паны, которые почему то не очень желают в окопах свои лбы, за свои-же интересы разбивать, а предпочитают это право предоставить исключительно халопам! У меня одно пожелание, мечта, чаяние и упование к простым людям, на которых всё и держится в этом мире, прозревайте как можно быстрее, и показывайте истинное место своим "эффективным" менеджерам, благодаря которым появляются такие кровавые мясорубки в мире! Всем мира и светлого мышления, не зашоренного местью и кровью!

  2. – Passive protection, like armor or transportable shielded structure above m777. it can work as drones have little punch.
    – Mount the m777 on trucks, make them able to fire from the trucks, so they are in constant move.
    – Shoot down the drones, have men with nlaw around

  3. Main videos are from 24-28 february when Russia used most of their lancets to destroy Ukrainian air-control system, they started to use them less and less since UK gave stingers to Ukraine. But we have to say they are incredibly effective and invisible for soviet c-300’s and BUK’s.

  4. Yeah, the m777 has been taking big losses since it's introduction. The lancet loitering munition has been proved effective even against more mobile targets, but m777 are one of the more vulnerable systems to these

  5. Стыдно должно быть! Убиваете вчерашних учителей вставшими на защиту своей братской страны.

  6. It's towed artillery it's no wonder if some of them got destroyed.
    Now destroying HIMARS that would be like crown achievement for Orcs.
    But they are only capable of destroying civilian infrastructure.

  7. Most concerning will be the casualties on the Ukrainian side both deaths and injuries More anti drone systems are required. The SkyNEX 35mm system is only barely entering production. The MMW radar to detect drones also don't seem to be available despite being aviable for big sporting events that need protection from drones. (Hensoldt Radar)

  8. Knowing the Ukrainian engineers half will probably have been repaired already. Lancet is only a medium drone..last howitzer it hit, it only burst the tyre. You overhype Lancet. Also it cant tell the difference between a cardboard decoy and the real thing!

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