• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Ukraine War: How the conflict has developed over the past year

Sky’s Defence and Security Analyst Professor Michael Clarke analyses how the conflict in Ukraine has evolved over the past 12 …


31 thoughts on “Ukraine War: How the conflict has developed over the past year”
  1. Funny how they stop showing us this map when things don’t look good for ukraine and just come on and spout nonsense and would’ve could’ve should’ve rubbish….. throughout this war sky really has gone down hill

  2. Although it will be too late, when the mushroom clouds rise, let's all remember Barack Obama's famous quote, "Never underestimate Joe's ability to F things up."

    Advice from an old American.

  3. Tell us about Ukrainian losses, because they are the ones losing ground. Your show only focus on Russian losses, which is a blatant propaganda strategy on your part to create the sensation that they, the Russians are falsely losing the campaign.

  4. Really hope this time next year all this is history nothing more but can't see it, we'll probably still be hear in another 5 years enduring this the way it's going!!!

  5. It would be perfect! We could quit doing business with the Chinese pay back our debt and stop working with communist counties!

  6. Yeah, like what will USA do to China if they help?:D People in USA going nuts if Facebook is not working for a day…… now imagine demonstrations if there will be no iphones or TikTok 😀 – And it is not easy to break a bad habit / addiction.

  7. Casualties during a year of war

    Russia 100K (Dead, wounded, prisoner..)
    Ukraine +500K (Dead, wounded, prisoner)

    Total personnel potential lost:

    Russia 0,5% (of 20M)
    Ukraine 10% (of 5M)

    Economy downgrade:

    Russia 2,1% of gdp
    Ukraine 30% of gdp

    Result by west: UkRaInE iS wInNiNg
    Result by anyone else: STOP THE WAR!!!

  8. if china does that china will be taken off the dollar and that will be the end of china forever. and they are not ready for war. would would china wana join a sinking ship.

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