• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
16 thoughts on “Ukrainian army preparing for battle by transporting heavy artillery across river via pontoon bridge”
  1. Slava Ukraina vous être braves ,longue vie a chacun de vous amerique devez venir ,ca pourrais vous aider, meme qui vous donnerai quelques kilometres de terre l'amerique doit ce installer a ukraine .pour assurer et que putino ou putler soit pressione a faire error juste un

  2. Bring in the artillery javelins and law and Gustaf rocket propelled grenades took out the Russian war machines hit the engine blocks you’re getting a new wave of switchblade drones smashed engine blocks of the Russian grad launchers in regards take the Excalibar GPS laser guided missions that are coming in as well as a German volcano and destroy as much self-propelled Russian artillery as possible you’re getting 2.4 million rounds of 7.62 x 39 mm you’ll be getting three shipments of those use them wisely do not kill the Russians shoot the hip cluster them back McFalls bring in the HeimersHIMARS unload the valley of 5500 rockets as well as your GLMRS rocket a sister

  3. Не жалейте козаки эту кацапурскую мразь,даже на секунду не теряйте эти конченные души из виду…. к олечте,если нет добра на уничтожение….но ни одну ску не жалейте,нас они не пожалеют…..

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