• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian tanks leaving injured troops fleeing for their lives. This footage from a battle zone in …


19 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian tanks leaving injured troops fleeing”
  1. Just went to some Iran youtube channel or wtf is that tbh, so many people supporting russia, feels like they have no idea what's actually happening.. Hard to believe, that they know, and still supporting this genocide..

  2. The Russian people are being forced to fight. I do not think these videos are necessarily bad, but peoples comments are sometimes stupid. I want Ukraine to win, but seeing people die who are untrained and forced to fight is very unfortunate. I wonder how many would surrender if given the opportunity. The ones who surrendered did not have an easy time and some were killed trying to surrender which is a war crime committed by Ukraine, but who can blame them. Politics are not worth human life, at least that’s what people should say.

  3. Many civilians like me have learnt a new word in this war: turrets. Flying ones. Tossing turrets' contest might become Ukrainia's National Sport. There must be some kind of bragging happening in the ranks by now.

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