• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian SBU destroyed 5 Russian tanks and a self-propelled gun

This footage reportedly shows troops from the Special Operations Center “A” of the SBU destroyed 6 units of enemy equipment in …


36 thoughts on “Ukrainian SBU destroyed 5 Russian tanks and a self-propelled gun”
  1. Breaks my heart to think of all the shrapnel and other foreign, often polluting material in the ground and soil for nature and agriculture for decades to come.

  2. А говорили все байрактары сбили. Россиянские балаболы. Побольше им накидывайте. Они ахуели вкрай на чужую землю суваться. В ответку миллионы пусть обратно в цинке вернутся.

  3. Modern war is scary as hell. Lines are still a thing, but sometimes even far from the front there is no warning, just Clunck sound and you're dead.

  4. L'autre disait que si a on peur il faut retourner chez nos mères
    Même si le risque est calculé d'un attaque nucléaire moi j'ai peur et si quelqu'un veut me donner un taxi je voudrais que celci est embarqué dans une navette spatiale. Tanke you

  5. Due to the delay in the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine, all hospitals and hospitals in Ukraine are filled with wounded soldiers. A lot of people were killed. The human resource in Ukraine is not unlimited. If this continues with verbiage about the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine, then there will be no soldiers left in Ukraine. And you will see hundreds of thousands of Russian orcs, who will already climb the lands of NATO members with machine guns! And then the soldiers of Europe will begin to fill the hospitals and hospitals of their countries.

  6. Good to see that they are finally using grenades that actually have substantial explosive power and not some little flash-bang dust busters that just get their uniforms dirty and put a dent in the hoods of trucks and get the paint on a tank dirty.

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