• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Why Russia Might Use Nuclear Weapons #russia #ukraine #war #nuclear


Mar 22, 2023
27 thoughts on “Why Russia Might Use Nuclear Weapons #russia #ukraine #war #nuclear”
  1. Thing is though, to activate the nukes in Russia you need a bunch of high government people to say yes, there will be atleast 1 person to disagree using nuclear bombs, unlike USA where Biden just say nuke them

  2. Russia is pointing a gun at their head and threatening to use nuclear weapons. Call their bluff while the average Russian is brave their leaders are all cowards. See how Putin coward behind a huge table afraid of getting COVID-19.

  3. Russia reason of lose – they are using WW2 equipments
    Even many helmets seen on russian soldier's head are of 1940
    Russia's WW2 tanks cannot even survive for 1 minute infront of America's / European countries advanced anti tank missiles
    They just upgraded Aircrafts but America's anti air missiles are too fast & advance

  4. Why do I get the feeling now that Putin will use nukes on Ukraine? The world won't stand idly by! Even Russian comrades will have to pay!

    Mark my words. An inhabitant of the world.

  5. lol ya they are losing? how are they losing when they are killing Ukrainians at about 10 to 1. Thats not losing thats wining Ukraine has already lost about 90% of there army and a good portion of military-age males. hench why ukrain even now has to force kids and old men at gun point to go to the front to fight were they have a life expectancy of less than 3 days and in most cases, in the last month it's not even a full day.

  6. Russia surely is aware that we also have nuclear weapons. so if we go down, we are taking Russia with us. It makes no sense for Russia to unleash these weapons knowing that they themselves will also seize to exist.

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