• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Former Chinese senior colonel: War in Ukraine 'has nothing to do with China' | DW Interview

Former Chinese Senior Military Colonel Zhou Bo told DW’s Richard Walker at this year’s MSC that although the war in Ukraine …


37 thoughts on “Former Chinese senior colonel: War in Ukraine 'has nothing to do with China' | DW Interview”
  1. Short version: "China respect sovereignty, but only when it suits us, so when our friend Russia doesn't respect another country's sovereignty, that's ok." Make no mistake, China will turn on Russia when it is at its weakest, and reclaim Siberia because at the end of the day, vast ressource-rich Siberia is worth so much more than a small mountainous island.

  2. Thank you USA for teaching russia and china a lesson with out the US this world will turn into chaos china and russia thinking they are powerful but they are not no matter what they do US is still the king

  3. Everyone is guarding his/her interest, and this Chinese colonel is no difference when it comes to safe guarding his country's interest. His view, right or wrong, should be judged differently based on the perspective of his countrymen or say another nationals. As an American, I don't agree with everything he said.

  4. Useless interviewing him! He along with China believe in collateral damage! They don't care about western society. They want to engulf it! They are the enemy! They have the same attitude in their own country! Why do we bother trying to peel the onion here? Why? Useless! Toughen up western culture! Get real!

  5. it would be danger for them in particular if russia ends up with the two states annexed (crimea annexation has already caused a moral dilemma within china). russia's falling economy and weakened military also mean a weaker alliance in the future of potential tough standoff against the western world. this is why Mr. Zhou mentioned it would be good if both parties stop immediately before things go wrong.

  6. The west can learn how to live in peace with there neighbors.they haven't invade any country.the usa wanted this war now its here and the bloodshed will get worse.the dry season will be more killing and Poland will get involve soon nuclear weapons will be used Ukraine is a grain food production will be curtailed.this will get bad

  7. I really enjoy that he lays out early the three disrespectful things that happen in the russia ukraine conversation for china. 1.) westerners say the Chinese are not being forceful enough against russia. 2.) believe china can persuade russia and 3.) then turn to this could happen in the Taiwan straight. and all three come up in the interview lol

  8. What do you mean defeat of Russia? Every government has said they want Russia to leave Ukraine. colonel your being opaque for no reason?

  9. lies,lies,lies you are the ones that hung the carrot in front of Putin to invade Ukraine you are playing the Russians in a attempt to weaken the west. The only thing Americans love to fight more than each other. Is another dictator. Two skyscrapers fell we invaded two countries, we lost most of our navy we dropped the world first atomic bomb. Good luck.

  10. NATO expansion? Russia is invading Ukraine, and Ukraine is defending itself as a sovereign country. If Russia is against NATO, why doesn't it invade all NATO countries? Why invade Ukraine. It is not a member of NATO! You're out of context, Mr diplomat.

  11. That, was indeed a refreshingly good interview. West and East talking in a very adult way. No squabbles, no talking over. Indeed so calm and peaceful. Finally seeing adults who are mature talking. Thank God there's no kiddy squabbling in this!

  12. I wish we had military men as intelligent as Colonel Zhou Bo. My only criticism is that China military isn't growing 2% as Bo indicated so peacefully But at 7%. that is indeed an eye opener!

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