• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

The battle for Bakhmut: Ukrainian city's last residents survive under artillery fire • FRANCE 24

Battle is raging in Bakhmut. The city is currently the most active and violent front line in the war for Ukraine. After a string of defeats …


34 thoughts on “The battle for Bakhmut: Ukrainian city's last residents survive under artillery fire • FRANCE 24”
  1. Привет друзья Российской Федерации из Аргентины!! наше величайшее признание, уважение и поддержку в их тяжелой и трудной борьбе за новый, более справедливый и доброжелательный многополярный мир!!! Из Буэнос-Айреса, Аргентина, мы смиренно посылаем вам нашу поддержку и просим не забывать рассчитывать на нашу дружбу!!! Господи просвети и благослови!!

    Privet druz'ya Rossiyskoy Federatsii iz Argentiny!! nashe velichaysheye priznaniye, uvazheniye i podderzhku v ikh tyazheloy i trudnoy bor'be za novyy, boleye spravedlivyy i dobrozhelatel'nyy mnogopolyarnyy mir!!! Iz Buenos-Ayresa, Argentina, my smirenno posylayem vam nashu podderzhku i prosim ne zabyvat' rasschityvat' na nashu druzhbu!!! Gospodi prosveti i blagoslovi!!

  2. I hope Ukraine continues to target military compounds and barracks. This Russian aggression has switched my pacifist tendencies to fierce attack mode. The only way to stop this suffering of civilians is to do whatever it takes.

  3. Glory mother Russia..
    They shouldnt have suffered if the nato and Kiev regime respect the Minsk agreement…blame the pain politician on bother side..
    They miscalculated and underestimate Russia too much….

  4. Lol, the residents of Donetsk have been living in the same way under the fire of Ukrainian fighters for 8 years. Just yesterday, Ukraine bombed a civilian household market with Himars in Donetsk, a lot of victims, all Western media are silent, as they have been for all these 8 years. Here, Ukrainian soldiers are hiding in residential buildings, so only they are destroyed.

  5. Dude just hacking up meat for the dogs like a boss. Now i really want to come get a coffe from you. Legit small hero in this otherness awful war.

  6. the bravest warriors and the bravest people , my heart is with you. i follow as much as i can, and try to know as much as i can. to carry as much as i can through my day in honor of what you are going through. any sacrifice i can make i send to all of you lovely people. you inspire me to be strong and survive and to do whatever i can to rid this planet of lies and deception, and greed. love and light to you all ♥

  7. Boris Johnson is solely responsible for the immeasurable suffering of the innocent Ukrainian civilians; the elderly, men, women, and children Alike. He truly brought Death and Destruction to Ukraine. He told Volodymyr Zelensky, the puppet president of Kiev Regime, not to negotiate with president Vladimir Putin. All this pain, pillage, and plunder could’ve been avoided if the Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 agreements were practically implemented. Boris Johnson will be held accountable for every innocent Ukrainian beautiful soul and precious life lost before a Just Judge, the Almighty God, on the Judgement Day.

  8. ..all those leaders of the world irrespective of which countries they come from should be paraded to see what a normal people go through, as they have no idea of hardship & suffering

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