• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Russia is stepping up its offensive in the east of Ukraine, a year on from the start of the war. Some of the fiercest fighting is around …


28 thoughts on “Ukraine frontline fighting: Russian forces attack Vuhledar – BBC News”
  1. Disgusting it had to come to this when Russia was asking for many years for Nato and West to please cooperate in the Minsk agreement which Nato repeatedly ignored and broke. 40+ CIA Bio Labs. Human trafficking. Money Laundering. List is endless. Shame on NAto and Western leaders for allowing this. The elites are evil. Could have been avoided. Listen to years of Putin debating with Top Journalists and you will 100% clearly understand this is West's fault. Fathers, sons, Brothers sacrificed to the elite who crave violence and profits. God is watching.

  2. Gods! Give the brains khokhols! So that they finally understand who their true enemy is .. And for whom they are dying today .. like complete idiots …

    USA and England are the instigators of this conflict! And they will pay dearly for it! At the cost of their existence…

    The Russians will never forget or forgive you!Khokhols have betrayed our friendship! They betrayed the common faith of our

    grandfathers and fathers! Betrayed and sold everything that could be sold! Traitors are not forgiven!

  3. I just love the BBC" they're Doing Exactly what their Royal Elitest Lords in The British Government and Intelligence Community Instruct them too" Now Pull at the World's Heartstrings" we hear Americans are Getting SICK OF THIS WAR BECAUSE THEIR STREETS are littered with Homeless of their Own!! and have paid over 100-190 Billion Dollars of their Taxes Listen" Ukrainian Soldiers' in UN Marked Vans are Driving around Kiev' and going into Cafe's and dragging out 14-15 year old boys and old Men at Gunpoint and Dragging them off too the front Lines!! It's time for the West too tell that Megalomaniac Zelensky ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!! Seek Peace Now!!!!!!

  4. Представители хозяев приехали заснять что всё идёт по плану и показать что оказывается когда идёт война то гибнут лиди от жестоких российских войск.

  5. It's time Russia is wiped clean from the face of the Earth. Their Stalinist mentality has no place in the 21st century. A nation of woeful obedience and ignorance 🙁

  6. war between any body is completely destruction we saw it Afghanistan very closely just after us afghan war another big war begun i m the student of war history i m sorry to that once again world fail resulting huge destruction to humanity please set on table and negotiate all issues

  7. And That comedian Zelensky is still claiming he is winning when these inncocent people are getting killed for no reason. Unfortunately Ukraine is used by Western Pimps as a scapegoat to weaken Russia & Russia will have to pay for Killing innocent people if not in this wolrd but in the hereafter there is no escape. Ukraine was warned many times by Russia not to play in Western Pimps hands but Comedian never know there is serious life behind the camera & now the price is paid by Innocent lives.

    Many people around the world were celebrating and supporting oppressors when innocent peope in the Muslim countries Iraq, Afganistan Syria, Palestine, Kashmir were and are getting killed. But as a Muslim i stand with Innocent people and share their grief.

    May Allah end this confilict & punish the oppressor

  8. Why don't you tell since 2014 how Ukrainian Nazis from Azov killed women and children in Donbass and Mariupol All of you who manipulate people and lie to them will pay dearly for it

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