• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Ukrainian Forces Destroy Russian Troops Tor-M2 Air Defense System & Remote Mine Laying System Russian officials claim that …


15 thoughts on “Ukrainian Forces Destroy Russian Troops Air Defense System & Remote Mine Laying System”
  1. Московська гєбєльспропоганда показує три зруйновані будинки десь на кордоні з брянскою областю . Ви покажіть кадри зтерто0 з лицйя зкмлі Мар,їнки під Донецьком . Повний армагедон ! Гітляр такого не робив .пуцькін є воєнний злрчинець .

  2. You only have yourselves to blame Putin! Ever see what happens too sharks when they taste blood in the water? Mr. Putin you sir are swimming in sharp infested waters and you are the one who have bloodied the waters.

  3. Ukrainian troops likely sneak over the border all the time to gather intelligence. If they were gonna do a military strike, by god they would do one that MATTERED.

  4. Lol, “Oooh, it might get WORSE!” After a year of bombing your neighbour, they might even have the effrontery to CROSS YOUR BORDER! ewww! Eeeek! The audacity! How very dare they!!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing this video. History: Adolf had SS stage a raid on a German radio station on the Polish border. German agents, dressed in Polish uniforms attacked the station and then were reportedly killed trying to "escape" back to Poland. Looks like poootin is doing the same thing, seems to be using the same playbook as the SS did in 1939.

  6. If it was Ukrainians that went to Russia they wouldn't go looking like that with clean store bought gear and last known mission was in mom's basement 40 min ago.

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