• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Russian paratroopers launch an assault on Ugledar massacres Ukrainian soldiers. The first video footage of the assault on …


12 thoughts on “Horrible footage!! Russian paratroopers launch an assault on Ugledar massacres Ukrainian soldiers”
  1. it is in no way a war for NATO expansion or for future such expansion in Ukraine, which, for that matter, is not about NATO, or the United States, but a war launched by Russia to eradicate Ukraine as a sovereign entity. Because Ukraine is an alternative path to the "Slavic" nation, that is, a country characterized by a democratic political system and deep ties with the West. This is unacceptable to Putin, as it may fuel domestic demands to transform Russia along a similar path. Putin's goals are so existential. It is hard to believe that the war will immediately end when the two sides reach some sort of territorial settlement. Putin's belief that time will weaken Western resolve makes him less willing to consider any kind of compromise to end the war. On the part of Ukraine, the desire to recover its lost territory, receiving economic reparations from Moscow and holding Russia accountable for war crimes similarly ruled out compromise.

  2. а почему вы не называете ужасным пытки и казни пленных и раненых российских солдат украинскими нацистами которые проходят тренировки в странах нато?

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